Local Business Listings

Local business listings

Increase Your Online & Offline Traffic with Local Business Listings

When it comes to Internet marketing and ranking on the different search engines, small business owners often believe that they cannot compete with their larger competitors.

Thanks to the power of local business listings, that’s far from the truth.

Changes in search algorithms have made it easier than ever for small businesses to harness the power of search via local business directory submission - resulting in high page rank, increased visitors, and more conversions.

Did you know that:

• 73% of all online activity is related to local content (Google)

• 82% of local searchers follow up with a phone call or show up on your doorstep (TMP/comScore)

• 66% of Americans use local search to find local businesses (comScore)

It’s time to take control of your local business listings and increase your company’s visibility with directory submission services.
No online strategy is complete without a plan for certifying, enhancing and actively managing your business information across the internet.

Local Business Directory Listings & Placement Management

Our ‘myDigitalSherpa’ Internet Marketing Dashboard and directory submission service gives you the power to quickly and accurately submit you company information to over 135 local business listing platforms.

• In minutes, you’ll have your business submitted to the most powerful local directories such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yelp.

• Our easy-to-use Profile Manager lets you manage your online business listings 24/7. Plus, you get built-in processes that prevent unauthorized access and keep your listings secure.

• Your listings will constantly be cleansed, organized and optimized for local search with geo-coding, address standardization and more for optimal results on the widest variety of platforms.

• DigitalSherpa maintains direct authorized relationships with the largest network of local search platform partners in the industry, so your managed business listings reach sites where over 90 percent of U.S. consumer local searches occur.

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