While there are always information frenzies and many debates among internet marketers every time Google releases a new search algorithm update, the most recent Penguin update is essentially a great thing for all of the people that the search goliath has been trying to assist all along: the content creators.

If you are in the often “feast or famine” business of creating blog posts, videos, images, or other content that web searchers may want to consume, the latest algorithm update is built for your feast, your future success, and should be taken advantage of. Although Google hasn’t quite mastered it as of yet, the Penguin algorithm update did successfully clean out a lot of the least relevant “search clutter” on many web search results pages. As with each and every Google search update, there are always some unsuspecting websites that slip through the cracks and are inadvertently penalized by the updates, often to no fault of their own, but with that being said, the most recent Penguin update’s results and after-effects have been generally positive.

As many of you may know, the Penguin update largely focused on relevancy and quality over quantity. While SEO optimization is still a necessary factor in overall search ranking, for content marketers the update has leveled the playing field between the true content creator and the tech savvy SEO. Now more than ever, content has been given the utmost authority with regard to search results, especially when relevant anchor text links are utilized with best practices. The implementation of mass linking, content farming, and black hat SEO is becoming less effective with each new update.

As many in web marketing are well aware, relevant content is the foundation of the entire www universe (not to be confused with the WWE universe), regardless of your favorite browser or which search engine you tend to rely on for your search needs. If someone is online for any amount of time, more than likely they are there to find particular content related to what they’re searching for, whether that may be an informative article, news to read, videos to watch, or any other kind of content to somehow interact with. With Penguin, you no longer need to be up-to-date on the latest SEO tricks to get your pages found by more searchers, you simply need to produce relevant content for your pages that users will respond to. For this reason, the Penguin update has also made social media marketing and content sharing an even more important piece of the overall web marketing puzzle.

The folks over at Quaturo have published this infographic, and it really gives an interesting and poignant view of content creation in the pre-update and post-update landscape. At the end of the day, the only way to ensure that your site will remain relevant in the ever-important world of search is by constantly creating new content that searchers will find useful and worth their valuable time.

Content Marketing & The Google Panda And Penguin Updates

Infographic Coutesy of Quaturo.com


Source: http://www.quaturo.com/blog/content-marketing-whats-your-plan-of-attack-infographic-73

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