A few weeks ago, I discussed three elements that will help you build your social media authority and creditability. One of those elements that will go a long way towards establishing your brands authority is creating cornerstone content content that reflects your business’ niche and informs readers on how to both utilize your blog as well as do business with you.

Think of cornerstone content as the foundation of your blog. This will help you identify what you are going to write about and what the readers you serve need to understand first. This content will familiarize your readers to the focus of your blog. It also helps to drive traffic to the blog and increase subscribers (which are potential customers). This is because when you group similar content into one page, you will have created keyword-dense pages which will rank in search engines when you link back to it.

High quality cornerstone content drives traffic to your blog and once the reader arrives, the content should entice readers to stay on you site and share content with friends who have similar interests.

In short, people today turn to the intern for answers to just about everything. So it is critical to provide those answers with interesting and informative articles. These keyword-rich articles help improve your presence in search engines like Google and Bing thus helping your customers find you.

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About Deirdre O'Neill

Deirdre O'Neill is an Account Coordinator with Digital Sherpa. Deirdre joined the Sherpa team in 2010 and enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for social media and design.