In the long line of marketing tasks to get your blog or website discovered on the Web, creating unique content may be the most daunting.  Let’s face it, not all brilliant marketing minds have the time or ability to sit down and create all of the content needed for a website or blog.  Whether you’re looking to create blog posts, ebooks, white papers, web copy, newsletters, or ecommerce descriptions, sometimes it’s best to leave the content creation to the experts.

Using Zerys to Optimize Content CreationHere at DigitalSherpa, we pride ourselves on creating high-quality, relevant content for our clients that drive leads through an increase in exposure online via blog posts.  However, recently, through the continued growth of our client base we’ve developed partnerships for a portion of the content creation aspect of our business.  We quickly discovered that outsourcing the content creation process can be tricky; however, luckily, Interact Media’s Zerys platform has allowed us to optimize this process to reach off the charts quality and efficiency levels.

After spending five days in Boston this month at Hubspot’s ‘INBOUND12′ conference, it become very clear that most SMB’s and Hubspot VARs struggle with the content creation portion of their marketing initiatives.  Along side that was a overwhelming mention of Zerys and the platform’s capabilities.  When we spoke with a lot of the Zerys users, many were blown away by the number of pieces of content we manage in their ‘content marketplace.’  Whether it was a lack of time spent learning the platform, or an overall frustration with the content creation piece in general, other Zerys users had a ton of questions on how to best optimize the experience and develop high-quality content for their site of their clients.

DigitalSherpa and Zerys Inbound12

DigitalSherpa President Adam Japko and Steve Lazuka President, Interact Media speaking at Inbound12 on the future of outsourcing content.

To help answer all of the questions and curiosities, I crowdsourced some of our top Content Managers to give their own personal best practices for managing the content creation process in Zerys.

Valerie Kinney, Content Manager

My #1 tip is to be extremely specific when you are entering information into the system. The more information you can provide the writer upfront, the better your content should/will be. This is especially important when defining a target audience, as well as when you are creating post-specific instructions.

Ashley Speagle, Content Manager

Be a courteous and responsive editor by promptly replying to messages, approving work within a short time frame, assigning reasonable deadlines, offering advice and clarification, and even telling them when they do a great job on submitted work. Creating a respectful and encouraging relationship with the writers, in turn, helps them be more responsive to your requests and critiques.

David Moore, Content Manager

I think the most important practice when it comes to Zerys is time management. By this I mean planning and allotting time not only your writers to complete the post, but also for yourself to edit and publish it. Another healthy practice to get things done quicker and more efficiently is to strike a balance between assigning work to your favorite writers and the job board.

Jerrad Matthews, Sr. Content Manager

Create a professional relationship with your favorite writers from the beginning, and communicate your expectations as clearly as possible. If needed, help them become better writers, define a path for them to become more efficient and effective with the assignments you give them, and create a positive avenue for them to accomplish their assignments. Creating a professional relationship with someone you most likely will never meet is not an easy task, so make sure you mix in a little personality while giving them positive feedback, and proactive criticisms to remind them you are a human.

Garrett Fishaw, Content Manager

Time management is the number one thing that determines Zerys success. That is why I try to take the start of every month and create/load in all of my titles for the month and assign them throughout the month to my favorite writers. This may be strenuous at first, but after a day or two, you won’t have to worry about titles for the rest of the month. Instead, you will have the entire month to work on uploading and editing the posts.

Rashun Harris, Sr. Content Manager

Being able to stay in constant contact with the writers is something everyone should take advantage of. It has allowed me to keep the writers I work with on top of their deadlines and most important, on board with my team. The message board is where you live and die, IMO.

Becky McDaniel, Sr. Content Manager

One of the best ways to make Zerys work for me was to make the decision on whether or not to revise the title myself or to let the writer revise it. I can usually revise the titles quicker and more effectively, so I usually do it myself. There are certain things that do need to be addressed with each writer to ensure they continue writing as efficiently as possible, but for the most part I use my strength in quick editing to do it myself.


Like all things in our business world, success is dependent upon time management and communication.  We find that Zerys is no different.  Their platform really is remarkable and something that we highly recommend to those small agencies looking to develop high-quality content for their clients.

Are you a Zerys user?  Share your best practices and tips in the comment section below!

If you’re a SMB looking for answers in the content marketing field, contact us today.  We’ll gladly discuss how DigitalSherpa can help manage your internet marketing campaign so you can manage your business.

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