Every website owner would love to have more traffic. Unless of course you’re not interested in building your business, in which case you have probably landed on the wrong article. It doesn’t take a web marketing genius to understand that increasing your traffic will also increase your leads and conversions, assuming that your site is optimized for search & provides a pleasant user experience.

While rarely emphasized, an important piece of the inbound web marketing puzzle is the standard press release. The beauty of the web is that press releases are no longer reserved for larger companies and news agencies. Not only can small businesses draft their own press releases, they also have the power to distribute them across the web. Before you know it, your press release has been linked to Yahoo! News, or another major news syndicator. Small & medium businesses are quickly realizing the benefits of distributing press releases for increasing inbound links, driving traffic, and expanding brand development.

Side note: Be sure to properly format and optimize your press releases before distribution. In order for it to be syndicated, it must be written in standard press release format. Report in the 3rd person, city/state/date opening, “for immediate release”, etc.

Using Press Releases in Your Content Marketing Strategy

A Few Benefits of Utilizing Press Releases As Part Of Your Content Marketing Strategy-

Press releases are a great addition to your inbound link-building campaigns, and you overall SEO strategy. Be sure to use relevant Anchor Text in all of your online press releases. There are multiple sites and services that you can use to distribute your press releases, as well as several free and low-cost options available. Take the time to apply to become a contributor at news sites in your niche, article distribution sites, and news forums. Relevant content blended with a proactive approach of using press releases can help build the authoritative influence of your overall brand presence on the web, as well as your site’s authority in the various search engines. Google’s Penguin update makes content the “king’ of SEO once more and should give you even more reason to add press releases to your internet marketing strategy. Additionally, add all of your press releases to your blog and email them to your current databases of customers and prospects.

Distributing press releases, as with content marketing in general, will not necessarily provide the instant satisfaction of a paid campaigns, but it will provide multiple benefits that assist you in the long-term and will provide staying power, not to mention that it’s a much more cost effective method for smaller businesses and startups.

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