Running a small business can be challenging as society and media start to put more and more pressure on communicating on multiple platforms while still maintaining the level of excellence you demand of your business affairs. You can only wear so many hats, but small business owners are made of sterner stuff than the average individual. You are the go-getters and the innovators in your communities, which means that you rise up to the challenges as they arise.

Social media seems simple enough, right? What seems like the ideal task for your new intern can be more complicated than you think. You will quickly realize that it is not just about knowing how to communicate on the various new sites. If you do it yourself, you might also fall into the common pitfall of what we like to call Hare Marketing. You remember the classic Aesop fable of “The Tortoise and The Hare,” right? The hare was the fastest of the pair, but it was tortoise who won the race by being consistent. Here are ways to tell if you’re participating in Hare Marketing or Tortoise Marketing:



If it seems like you are not getting out of social media the responses and interaction that you need, evaluate which of the columns your methods have predominately fallen into. Change up your approach to social media, remember to keep it interesting, but above all keep in mind that it isn’t always the fast method that reaps the greatest benefits. As long as you provide quality communication and real value for your fans and followers, you will see results. It just may not happen in a week!


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