Did you know that gift purchases represent more than 47% of total holiday sales? And as much as 40% of annual sales occur in the last two months of the year for some businesses? Holiday sales have a huge impact on small and large businesses alike, and should be a positive one with the right […]

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You’ve probably heard about internet reputation management, but may not know exactly how powerful of a role it can play in building your brand’s online image. Think back to your days in high school. If you were friends with one of the “cool” kids, he or she was likely always looking out for your best […]

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You know you’re a product of the 80’s if you’ve ever begged your mom for a Twinkie. For a minute there, it seemed like sweet cream-filled yellow cake joys from our youth will not be experienced by our children and grandchildren to come. The iconic Twinkie brand dates all the way back to the 1930s, […]

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After recently attending Hubspot’s Inbound ’13 in Boston, we wanted to share some of the awesome landing page optimization tips that we learned from Lucy Orloski. ¬†For a full wrap-up, check out this awesome post from Dan Leibson. What is a Landing Page? In short, a landing page is a stand-alone page on your website […]

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Whether you’re new to the job or are an established employee with a company, prospecting is a way of life if you’re in a sales role. Fortunately, prospecting has become a much easier task in recent years thanks to social media, allowing you to be more effective and intentional with a first-time connection. HubSpot outlines […]

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According to the 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Report, businesses for the third consecutive year are increasing their social media and content marketing spending by nearly 50 percent. This data indicates that inbound marketing is a top priority for many business owners; however, the strategy is often executed by the 20-something intern or entry leveler […]

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While you may be bombarded with images of babies, political rants that you couldn’t care less about, and personal drama conversations on Facebook, LinkedIn keeps things strictly business (for the most part). This refreshing change is probably why there are more than two new members that sign up on LinkedIn every second. We’re LinkedIn advocates, […]

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We like to use our DigitalSherpa blog as an opportunity to share some useful (and often free) social media marketing tools that will be beneficial to your business, such as our recent post about 5 free online reputation management tools. While most businesses are already using popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, few […]

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In the 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Annual Report compiled by HubSpot, the general consensus among small-to-medium sized businesses is to allocate more money towards an inbound marketing budget. While creating a budget can be a very daunting task, it can become even more cumbersome when transitioning from a more traditional outbound marketing budget to […]

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We often talk about what a powerful social media marketing tool LinkedIn is and recently shared some strategies for boosting engagement on your LinkedIn page. While LinkedIn is a free way to promote your business, many users are now opting to upgrade to a LinkedIn Premium paid membership. There are three tiers of upgraded LinkedIn […]

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