As consumers, what do we love about social media marketing? Well, aside from getting the inside deals on our favorite products and services, we also probably appreciate brands that embrace a social care strategy as a form of responsive customer service. Consider this: According to Nielsen’s 2012 State of the Media Report, 1 in 3 social media […]

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I have recently become the latest victim of making a holiday purchase due to a social media marketing effort made by one of my favorite brands, Tiny Prints. While perusing through my Facebook Newsfeed last night, I came across a social promotion that Tiny Prints is currently offering that allows fans to save 30 percent […]

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While 2013 has not quite come to a close, we have still learned some valuable lessons from brands that have embraced social media marketing over the past year. You may call this recap premature, but we thought this 2013 Social Media Facts infographic from Social Divas was too good not to share. Here are some […]

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Social media can provide your business with a powerful opportunity for happy consumers that have already tried out your brand’s products and services to promote your company within their own social networks. Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to download our free ebook that discusses how social media is the new age of word-of-mouth marketing and what […]

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Looking for a way to set yourself apart from the competition and really make a positive impression on someone? Well, instead of dropping by a box of crumbled donuts to the receptionist of the company that you have been calling on for ages, why not send the decision maker at that organization a warm cup […]

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As a manager or owner of a small business, it can always be a challenge to get your employees to embrace something new.  However, if your employees are of a younger generation, implementing a team social media marketing plan may be easier than others.  Although it’s not as easy as telling your staff to Tweet and post […]

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Can you honestly say that you are completely satisfied with your social media marketing strategy? According to the highlights of the 2013 Social Media Marketing Report compiled by Social Media Examiner, the answer is most definitely “no” with only a third of the 3,000 businesses surveyed that feel good about the impact that their business […]

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We talk a lot about social media marketing management on our DigitalSherpa blog because it is such a critical component of effectively implementing a small business internet marketing strategy. To help simplify this task for you, we wanted to share a helpful weekly checklist for social media management that was compiled by our friends at […]

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Those with limited small business internet marketing experience are often weary of gettting their feet wet due to some deflating myths of how effective social media and content marketing really are for a brand. There is no question that more companies have shifted towards an inbound marketing strategy, and this trend will most certainly continue […]

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With the majority of U.S. companies opting to increase their inbound marketing budgets in 2013, your company would be at a competitive disadvantage if you didn’t jump on board as well. Arguably your most powerful source of business development, social media marketing is all too often left to the 20-something inexperienced intern that has a […]

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