If you can find a way to effectively communicate your brand’s value proposition with your target audience, you will be more likely to earn more business online. Social media marketing provides businesses with a unique opportunity to accomplish this very task, especially for those involved in the health and wellness industry. Whether you operate a […]

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For most small businesses, success hinders on the ability to attract and acquire local customers – especially if you have a physical store front or location. Even if you don’t have a brick and mortar shop, studies show that the customers in your immediate location are more likely to utilize your services or buy your products. […]


Social media is a powerful tool to promote your business, whether you are trying to grow your own personal blogging brand or you run a large company with dozens of employees. Over the last decade, the world of social media has undergone rapid changes. Think back to your Friendster account and compare that to your […]

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During the holiday season, we show our appreciation for those closest to us through gifts or gestures.  But, as business owners,  we often forget about thanking those that helped our companies get to where they’re at today.  Think about your best customers, brand ambassadors, and employees…how can you show them how much they mean to […]

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We talk a lot about social media marketing management on our DigitalSherpa blog because it is such a critical component of effectively implementing a small business internet marketing strategy. To help simplify this task for you, we wanted to share a helpful weekly checklist for social media management that was compiled by our friends at […]

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If your small business has an active online presence, chances are you have numerous social media sites to update daily. Between posting, sharing, tweeting, liking and commenting, social media marketing management can easily become a time consuming activity. However, there are numerous social media tools for businesses out there that can help you stay organized, […]

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According to the 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Report, businesses for the third consecutive year are increasing their social media and content marketing spending by nearly 50 percent. This data indicates that inbound marketing is a top priority for many business owners; however, the strategy is often executed by the 20-something intern or entry leveler […]

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We’ve talked about how more and more brands are using social media as an extension of customer service, and this concept has become known as social care. Studies have indicated that consumers would much rather ask a question or share a concern on a brand’s social media page versus dial a 1-800 number and speak […]

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We’ve discussed the positive impact that developing strong relationships with your social media connections can have for your business; such as being asked by other credible peers in your industry to write guest blog posts. While you may occasionally exchange tweets or comment on a Facebook status update, it can be difficult to transition a […]

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Hey Friends! I had the pleasure of attending Mashable’s Social Media Day Atlanta Event (VIP style, no less. A huge thank you to DigitalSherpa!) last Thursday Night at The Foundry at Puritan Mill. Though there were hundreds of fellow Social Media nerds in attendance, I luckily didn’t have to tweet alone that evening as we […]

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