Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Pinterest. Yes, we all know about them, and most of us are probably already active on these social media networks. A great way to separate your business apart from the competition, however, is to hangout online where your customers are spending their time. For certain industries, there are some great niche social […]


As a socially savvy small business, you know that having an active presence on all the major social media marketing networks; Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+; is key to branding, driving traffic, and acquiring customers. However, many small businesses may not be aware there are numerous smaller, niche social media networks where you can connect […]

Niche Social Media

We’ve already talked about why you need to have a business blog, and hopefully you’ve taken our advice to heart and created a blog of your own. Serious, results-driven blogging takes both time and effort.  Using social media marketing to promote your blog content will help guarantee that you get the results you’re looking for. […]

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While Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Plus+ seem to be some of the most popular social media marketing platforms, each day there seems to be a new site that pops up. If you are a small business owner that is looking to engage your customers online, it can be challenging to know where to […]

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It’s safe to say by now you know the importance of social media marketing and have been inundated with countless tips on how to optimize your visibility with prospects.  Today I’m going to focus on 6 big mistakes that companies make when utilizing social media sites to gain business.  Don’t fall into the trap; take […]


Reputation management has been a longstanding, important aspect of staying in touch with the public’s perception of your small business. And thanks to some great online tools, it no longer costs you an “arm and a leg” to monitor what’s being said about your brand. With the ever growing influence and accessibility of the internet, […]


As 2012 came to a close, there were more than one billion members on Facebook, nearly 500 million Twitter users, and approximately 200 million LinkedIn members. Developing an effective social media marketing strategy can allow small businesses to reach out and actively engage with prospective customers that they may not have been able to connect […]

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As a small business owner, you most likely have some sort of online presence. However, many small business’s often feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of social networking sights available, and aren’t always sure which ones will be most effect platform for their marketing strategy. This helpful Inforgraphic by Purolator highlights the five most popular […]

Small business social media infographic

The attention span of today’s social media user is extremely short.  This fact cannot be argued.  As users have moved from social media platform to social media platform, the amount of time they are willing to spend analyzing each piece of content has shrunk greatly.  Instagram is a relatively new forum on which users and […]

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As a successful small business owner, you most likely have an active Twitter account and are consistently putting out great content (and if you are a little behind on the twitterverse, here’s some handy tips to help you along the way).  However, you may not always be getting as many retweets as your amazing content […]

Hashtag Mistakes for Small Business