I have no doubt you are familiar with Gmail or the Google search engine itself. But what about using the internet giant’s social media site, Google+? With more than 150 million active monthly users and nearly 50 percent of users that use the site daily, it’s no wonder that businesses are wanting to use Google+ […]

Google+ marketing

If you’re like most business professionals, one of the first things that you’ll do upon returning to your desk from a networking event is to look up the people that you met on LinkedIn. And what happens when someone is nowhere to be found on this social media site? He or she probably instantly loses […]

LinkedIn Marketing

Last year consumers spent over 1.9 billion in online sales for Black Friday, and that number is only expected to rise this year. Black Friday is undoubtably a great day for retailers, but what about the consumers? If you are shopping on Black Friday, are you sure you are actually getting the best deal? Did […]


I was fortunate to snag a great job right out of college with a Fortune 500 company that had a phenomenal management training program. While I didn’t know much about the company prior to starting there, you better believe I breathed its culture morning, noon, and night as I went through six months of intensive […]

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Although there are a few extremists that get on the bandwagon in early October, for most marketers, Halloween marks the start of the holiday season. This year, more than ever, social media will prove to be an extremely powerful tool for getting people excited about the holidays. Is your business ready for the holiday marketing […]

holiday social media marketing

Social media is huge marketing avenue for your business, and identifying your biggest brand advocates via your social media channels is key to inspiring engagement, creating awareness, and increasing conversions. True brand advocates have a genuine passion for your business and are eager to support, defend, and promote you brand. Did you know that 92 percent […]

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While it’s hard to believe, Halloween is just around the corner. There is something about this time of year that everyone seems to look forward to, whether it be sipping on pumpkin spice lattes or welcoming the cooler fall temperatures. With so much festive excitement in the air, does your brand have a plan to […]

Halloween Marketing

Facebook made its first appearance when I was a junior in college, when you still needed to have an email address from a school that had signed up to be on Facebook in order to be active on the social media site. I guess it gave us a false sense of security because my friends […]

Facebook Privacy

Newsflash: Just because your business has a Facebook account doesn’t classify your brand as digital. Launching your brand on social media, however, is a start. In an age where everything seems to be digitalized, from shopping for the perfect gift to ordering a pizza, your business has the potential to grow leaps and bounds simply […]

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Think about the last conference that you attended. I would be absolutely shocked if it didn’t have some type of social media element tied to it, whether the event was heavily marketed on sites like Facebook and Twitter leading up to the conference or perhaps even had its own custom hashtag. While Twitter and Facebook […]

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