While the Digital Summit ended a little more than two weeks ago here in Atlanta, we’re still very much experiencing the buzz and “information” fallout provided by the conference speakers. Most people are still trying to find the best ways to survive the recent updates to the Facebook News Feed or Google’s Mobile Algorithm Update. But […]


Sure, you’ve probably launched your apartment community on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but if you really want to optimize SEO for local search, you need to create a Google+ page for your property. Different than other social media sites, Google+ offers a space to find information that is relevant to you and share it with […]

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Well, folks. No surprise here. Google has changed its search engine algorithm yet again, and this time its to give preference to mobile friendly web design. The change to the algorithm is effective today (April 21st) and will factor in the following criteria when ranking your website: Has your overall website design been optimized for […]

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Small business owners often have their work cut out for them in terms of marketing, especially on a local scale. If there happens to be stiff competition in the area, it can be even more challenging to get the word out about a business online. However, the Internet can be a powerful tool for entrepreneurs […]

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You already know everything about search engine optimization, right? Well, you could be doing yourself a disservice by not looking for ways to improve upon your current strategy. While you may have implemented everything from back-links to keywords properly, there’s always more you could be doing to boost your SEO. Here are five secrets to […]

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Next up in our new ’12 in 12′ webinar series is, ‘DIY SEO Tactics for Small Business Owners.’ This free webinar was been developed to give small business owners the tools needed to: ♦  Increase traffic from Google search ♦  Improve your rank for keywords and phrases ♦  Outperform your local competition online As a […]


Early in October, news sites broke that Google was going to send all searches on its engine through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), ensuring that all search data would be private and not visible to webmasters managing keyword data in Google Analytics. So, what does this mean? If you have run a website for some time, […]

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While you spend a fair amount of time creating awesome blog content for your small business, are you putting the same amount of effort to make sure the content is actually read? With over 100 million blogs and growing, the blogosphere can be a highly competitive space! One effective way to make sure your content […]


According to a 2012 study conducted by ad network Chitika, 24 percent of the searches on Google are for local businesses, and this figure has since increased to 30 percent.  To put this statistic further into perspective, comScore shares that there are approximately 3 billion search queries that contain local terms each month. Therefore, if your […]

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You may have heard of social bookmarking, but don’t necessarily have a clear understanding of what the concept is. In a nutshell, social bookmarking serves as a way to organize content from all over the Internet into one location based on your interests. Perhaps one of the most popular social bookmarking sites to come about […]

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