Most of the successful specialists in digital marketing today will tell you that measuring your metrics is a huge part of finding success in the field. Google Analytics is one of the major tools used by today’s small and large businesses which want to get a better handle on their digital marketing. If you are […]

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Your ROI is based on the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy, and there’s no better way to assess it than through Google Analytics. Whether your main KPI is your conversion rate, number of downloads, or bounce rate, Google Analytics can help you identify problem areas in your marketing plan. But how much do you […]

Google Analytics

It’s a new year and with it comes new budgets, new strategies, and the potential for the same web headaches of 2013. New leads are important to any business, and your website is a great source of lead generation – but are you seeing the results you expected? If not, I’d like to give you […]

The Google Analytics Homepage

Google has just launched Social Analytics as an addition to it’s Google Analytics platform. Google Analytics has made strong pushes in the last year to measure the impact of social, and the launch of Social Analytics will further help measure the impact social is having on your website and reporting goals. [Note: If you’re still […]

I bet you check your bank account regularly. For that matter, some of you may even check certain account activities on a daily basis. If you have a business website of any size, you should be checking your web analytics reports a bare minimum of once daily based on your level of traffic and the nature of […]