Facebook is a great place to connect with customers and to show them more about your business beyond what products or services you have to offer. In fact, it’s encouraged that you try to show off some of your company’s personality so that you aren’t just using your fan page as a sales platform. However, […]


If your small business had jumped on the social media train, congrats on taking a huge step towards growing your brand and business online. Recent studies have shown that 33% of small business are spending “no time” on social media. Do you know what that means for you? You have jump started some of your […]

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Facebook is one of the most powerful internet marketing tools that you have access to for connecting with your target audience. Hopefully, you’ve had an opportunity to create a thorough Facebook profile for your business, and if not, please be sure to check out our post with some helpful guidelines for designing your Facebook business […]

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Facebook is arguably the most popular social media business platform out there, and as images continue to become increasingly powerful content, more brands are uploading pictures to the social media site to capture the attention of their fans. If you have gotten into the habit of uploading pictures to Facebook, it’s important that you first understand […]

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Timeless Branding Lessons from a Young Steve Jobs Known by some as the most influential CEO and product designers of the 21st century, Steve Jobs’ strategic branding of Apple reflected the simplicity and excellence of his products. Jobs had an innate understanding of the importance of branding products in a way that “resonated” with whoever […]


To create a successful internet marketing strategy, you need to be able to engage your audience. Many small businesses have been able to accomplish this by creating social media campaigns to get their followers involved and motivated to take some type of action. Facebook is the ideal channel for launching a contest or giveaway; however, […]

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Facebook is constantly adding new features, and it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with all of these enhancements. One feature that few small businesses are using today but should is a restricted Facebook list. Since we all receive Facebook friend requests from people that we’d rather not share our everyday lives with, having […]

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If you’ve posted anything on Facebook recently, you’ve probably noticed that you now have an option to promote your post. But what exactly does this mean and how can it help your social media engatement strategy? To start, there are two ways to promote a post: from your personal account and from your business brand page. […]

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Heineken’s ‘Departure Roulette’: Best. Marketing. Ever. Question: Would you change your travel plans to an unknown destination in an instant? The iconic alcohol brand Heineken found people willing to say yes this question, and crafted a brilliant marketing campaign around this idea that’s going viral on social media. Peep their Twitter feed and the campaign […]

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Hey there! As someone who works in Social Media, I have the pleasure of constantly seeing new features, tools and innovations to social networks. One social network in particular – Facebook – has certainty been rolling out quite a few new features and updates over the past few months. Even I occasionally have trouble keeping […]