When you establish a presence on social media, your goal is likely to be to gain more exposure for your brand, to get more traffic to your website, or even to boost your search engine optimization. However, when people choose to follow you on social media, their goal is much different. They want to get […]

Chart showing why people follow brands on Facebook

Building a huge following on social media can be a great way to connect with your customers or potential customers. However, if they are not engaged, having such as a huge audience would be like telling jokes in a packed arena only to hear a smattering of applause – or even no applause at all. […]


If your small business has an active online presence, chances are you have numerous social media sites to update daily. Between posting, sharing, tweeting, liking and commenting, social media marketing management can easily become a time consuming activity. However, there are numerous social media tools for businesses out there that can help you stay organized, […]

Social Media Management

As a social media savvy small business owner, I’m sure by now you’ve heard to post photos on your Facebook brand page to boost engagement. Studies show posts with photos get 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more click-through’s.  However, there are literally billions of photos floating around the world wide web you […]


So many companies, and even sole proprietorships, that use social media are looking for more engagement and interaction with their customers.  But instead of focusing on getting more interaction with a particular site or tool, let’s look at four ways you can increase engagement with ALL of your social media efforts: 1. Ask ‘easy’ questions […]

We all know that big brands are getting big results from using Twitter.  But what about small businesses?  Can they still leverage Twitter as a way to grow their businesses?  Absolutely, and here’s four ways you can start using Twitter TODAY to see real business results. 1. Use Twitter to raise visibility for your small […]

Facebook is an extremely popular tool for businesses to use because EVERYONE is there, right?  But even with Facebook’s large membership, it can still sometimes be difficult to get consistent interaction and engagement happening on your Facebook page. One thing to keep in mind when it comes to getting engagement via social media is that […]

A recent study by The Altimeter Group found that most corporate social media strategists use engagement metrics such as blog comments to track the effectiveness of its social media efforts.  And if your company or organization has a blog, you may be tracking blog comments as a measure of how successful your blog is. But […]

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One of the biggest problems that companies have with their social media efforts is that they aren’t sure how to track if it is impacting their business.  They can’t determine what, if any, value is being created by their programs, and if it’s all really worth their time. I am constantly hearing from companies that […]

One of the reasons that I enjoy writing blog posts is that it helps me better organize and sort my thoughts. When posts resonate with the readers or followers and as conversations unfold, further understanding ensues. One of the things we have been grappling with internally is engagement, and does that mean that we have achieved success with our clients because we added (10) twitter friends every month, or does […]