Technology advances at an incredibly fast pace these days, often making it difficult to stay up with the latest trends in marketing your business online. If you’ve already launched your brand on social media and created a blog for your business, another way to grow your online presence is to host a webinar. A webinar […]


If you spend any time on social media, then you’ve definitely taken note of the popular #tbt hashtag, otherwise known as Throwback Thursday.¬†Maybe you’ve taken advantage of this trending hashtag in your personal life by sharing some sort of funny image on a Thursday from your past, but what about your business’s social media accounts? […]

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LinkedIn is just a social media site to connect job seekers with potential employment opportunities, right? Well, that’s certainly one way that business professionals are using the site. However, as a business owner, LinkedIn can prove to be an incredibly powerful tool for creating awareness of your brand, networking with peers and other leaders within […]

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Frustrated. Angry. Incompetent. Insecure. These are all feelings and emotions that run through our minds when our emails go unanswered. This is especially true when you send out a mass email to your target audience and only receive one or two responses. While I don’t have a magic 8 ball to guarantee you why people […]

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It’s hard to believe that November is already here, and aside from the Thanksgiving holiday that is rapidly approaching, many eager holiday shoppers already have two very important dates on their calendar: Black Friday (November 28th) and Cyber Monday (December 1st). With that being said, the time to unleash your Black Friday and Cyber Monday […]

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We know that 89 percent of consumers use search engines to make purchase decisions, and many of these consumers go on to make purchases via the internet from these searches. I can almost guarantee that you, too, have made a purchase via the internet in the past 30 days. Personally, if it wasn’t for my […]

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Think about the last conference that you attended. I would be absolutely shocked if it didn’t have some type of social media element tied to it, whether the event was heavily marketed on sites like Facebook and Twitter leading up to the conference or perhaps even had its own custom hashtag. While Twitter and Facebook […]

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Between YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, small businesses now have several ways to create and share video content to engage their audience. But what makes some videos go viral on the internet while others seep into a black hole? ComMetrics shares some helpful video marketing tips and factors to consider when it comes to creating viral […]

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Social media can provide your business with a powerful opportunity for happy consumers that have already tried out your brand’s products and services to promote your company within their own social networks. Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to download our free ebook¬†that discusses how social media is the new age of word-of-mouth marketing and what […]

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LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing social media channels for business professionals. Before we jump into sharing some tips about how you can enhance your social media marketing strategy on this site, we wanted to make you aware of some powerful statistics: As of October 2013, LinkedIn has nearly 260 million active users. The […]

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