No matter how badly you want your audience to click on a link, resist all temptation to use the words “click here” on a link! Why not, you wonder? First of all, the typical internet user today already knows that he or she is going to have to click on a link, so there is […]

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This week I treated myself to a work day spent at my favorite neighborhood coffee shop. I typically work from home, so having the opportunity to be surrounded by an interesting and somewhat quirky crowd definitely helps spark my creativity. While standing in line to fill up my mug, I started talking with a girl that […]


The typical paragraph is five sentences long with five words per sentence. Therefore, a blog post that consists of 100 words is four short paragraphs comprised of very brief, simple sentences. Sounds easy peasy to me. But does that make for good content? Can you really write a solid blog post in 100 words or […]

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Are you looking to capture more women in your marketing efforts? If so, you’re not alone! Here are just a few of the riveting reasons why so many businesses are trying to attract the attention of women: Women have astronomical purchasing power and currently make 85 percent of all brand purchases. Approximately 2/3 of the […]

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Many online marketers treat content marketing separately from social media marketing. They develop strategies for their blog that is completely different from their social media channels with the idea that the rules for engagement are different for each. To some extent, that is true. The way you engage on Twitter is even different from the […]

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Grandparents: “So what is it you do for a living?” Me: “Well it’s a bit hard to explain…” Grandparents: “So tell me. I’m not stupid.” Me: “I help small businesses get found through search while becoming successful on social media platforms.” Grandparents: “So print advertising then…?” How do you explain social media and blogging to […]

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The wonderful thing about writing a regular blog post is that you have a steady writing assignment.  The challenging thing about such a gig is that you need constant streams of fresh content.  How can you generate endless new content ideas – ideas that seize reader attention, reel them back in for more, while, oh […]

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As you crank out another blog post for your business, have you taken the time to carefully consider the keywords and phrases that your target audience is likely typing into search engines when researching for topics related to your company and it’s products/services? This will not only help to drive more qualified traffic to your […]


This is a guest post by Abriana Marshal, Content marketing manager at Globus, a web agency based in Dubai, UAE. I am a human, humans make mistakes and from my years of experience in Content Marketing, I take pride in telling you that I have made very fatal mistakes in my content marketing. Why pride? […]

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One of the most common maxims you’ll hear in the world of digital or Internet marketing is that “Content is king.” Coined from an article that Bill Gates wrote back in 1996. Though you can count on Google updating its algorithms dozens more times, changing the entire world of SEO again and again, one thing […]

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