When doing research for this article, I came across hundreds of different tips and tricks for increasing your blog’s conversion rate. One piece of advice really hit home with me, however, and that was to neglect your older, most popular posts. For many business blogs, the highest percentage of post views on a monthly basis […]

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Although 2014 is still in full force, the year is winding down, meaning it’s time to start making predictions – about content marketing, of course. Every year, it seems like technology and data dramatically evolves the way that marketers develop content. In 2015, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t expect to see some changes. Here […]

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These days, it’s not hard to find information on content marketing, but have you stopped to think of how much of it is just idle chit-chat? Not all of the nuggets of information you find are diamonds in the rough – some content marketers are just as new to the game as you. That being […]

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As the holidays quickly approach, you may want to take a look at your content marketing strategy. Is there special you could be doing with your e-Books, whitepapers and webinars for the holidays? How does your target audience’s needs change with the season? While you may not have to make any big alterations this time […]

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In HubSpot’s annual “State of the Inbound” report released this past September, it was revealed that only 53 percent of inbound marketers measure their ROI. That means that 47 percent of marketers are putting an effort toward content marketing, but have no idea whether it’s actually paying off. If you’re on the guilty side of […]

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The holiday shopping season to be approaching at lightening speed. Do you feel confident that your current email marketing strategy is strong enough to captivate these hungry consumers? When looking back at data from the most popular frugal shopping holidays of 2013 (Black Friday and Cyber Monday), marketers learned the following: Email open rates from smartphones […]

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Are you happy with the performance of your business blog, and is it helping to drive qualified traffic to your website? If you answered no to both questions and your blog just simply feels stale, you may want to consider rebranding it. If you did not engage the help of a content marketing agency when […]

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When it comes time to update your business blog with a new post or write a whitepaper on a hot topic that everyone in your industry is buzzing about, do you think of it as more of a chore or is it a fun way to escape your hectic and fast-paced world for a bit? […]


If you’ve had a chance to attend any content marketing conferences in 2014, you’ve probably heard an underlying theme: you need to produce high quality content and more of it to drive more traffic to your website. While this seems like a simple enough task, having the extra time to crank out several well-written blog […]


I asked myself this very question as I spent an afternoon sipping on frozen drinks from the lounge chair of my suburban neighborhood pool. Okay, maybe it wasn’t the Caribbean and there were rowdy and rambunctious kids splashing around, but I can dream, right? I think we all know that Monday morning feeling when all […]

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