Blogs are just for those that are interested in finding a new recipe or learning about the latest interior design trends, right? While there are a number of blogs on the web that are centered around those two topics, there are so many more reasons why people choose to read a blog. Did you know […]

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So you’ve started a business blog. Sure, that’s impressive, but only if you update it regularly with high quality content that offers value to your audience. As of 2012, 62 percent of businesses had a blog, and you can only imagine that this percentage has grown as more consumers are turning to the internet to […]

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With the¬†enormous selection of free¬†photo editing apps and tools at your disposal online, you don’t have to be an amateur photographer to share some spectacular shots on your business blog. The trouble is finding which editing tools deliver the best results with the least amount of hassle. Outlined below are 4 free photo editing tools […]

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Somewhere along the line, many business owners developed the misconception that blogging was just something you needed to do for your business. With this mindset, the quality of the content that they churned out or the frequency of how often blog posts were published did not matter. This mentality is why so many business blogs […]

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The new year is finally here, which means that we are in the midst of goal setting season. As a successful SMB owner, you’ve likely already written down several goals that you want your business to accomplish in 2015. Enhancing content marketing efforts via a business blog to generate more quality leads is one of […]

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You’ve launched a website and have created an active presence for your brand on social media. Isn’t that enough? No, not if you want to truly position your brand as an expert in its industry, give it a voice on the internet, and drive more traffic to your website. A blog can do all of […]


Do you ever feel like you pour your heart out into your blog posts, but no one is reading them? So many SMB owners vow to start business blogs at the start of a new year, but after seeing that their audience is not interacting with their content, they give up and ditch the blog. […]

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Yes, you may have a million other tasks to take care of this morning that you think should take priority to writing content for your business blog. However, you should consider your blog to be a valuable asset to your organization, helping to drive leads and conversions. That is, of course, assuming that you have […]

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Trying to handle every aspect of your business blog on your own is probably not the best use of your time. It’s also a quick way to create content that is boring with the same monotonous format. Some of the best advice that you’ll hear from experienced bloggers is to share the workload by letting […]

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After hearing all of the buzz about why you need to start a business blog, you launched your own blog into the blogging stratosphere; however, if you’re like the many SMB owners that come to us for help, the efforts that you’ve made on your own to make your blog successful simply aren’t cutting it. […]

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