Creating an apartment community blog can give your neighborhood a one-stop site for all of the information they need on the local area. Additionally, you can use the blog as a place to post updates on important community matters, whether it’s trash pick-up or street cleaning – but how do you strategize? Every effective, informative […]

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Content marketing, in essence, is the amalgamation of content and strategy to reach a desired audience. When properly executed (great content and great strategy), content marketing can change the scope and outcomes of a business. While all blogging is content marketing, our goal is to put together a list of the 11 best content marketing […]

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Now more than ever, people are using the Internet to research apartment communities to determine where they would like to live.  Resourceful apartment search tools such as ApartmentFinder enable prospective renters to narrow down their search by location, number of bedrooms, the cost of rent, and much more.  Another key component to marketing your multi-family […]

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Becky McDaniel is a Senior Online Content Manger at DigitalSherpa. Becky is one of the bright stars at DigitalSherpa, and she is always willing to assist with any project. She has been a valued member of the team since 2011,and is vital to the success of our company. Becky, tell our readers a little about yourself. I […]

A recent study by The Altimeter Group found that most corporate social media strategists use engagement metrics such as blog comments to track the effectiveness of its social media efforts.  And if your company or organization has a blog, you may be tracking blog comments as a measure of how successful your blog is. But […]

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As all blogging businesses know, writing posts for your blog requires a big time commitment. And usually the biggest hurdle you’ll find is figuring out WHAT topics to write about. Here are five ideas for blog posts when you don’t know what to write about. 1. Re-purpose existing content you have created. Do you whitepapers or […]

One of the biggest problems that companies have with their social media efforts is that they aren’t sure how to track if it is impacting their business.  They can’t determine what, if any, value is being created by their programs, and if it’s all really worth their time. I am constantly hearing from companies that […]

Design Sherpa, our Digital Sherpa product for the home design and remodeling industry, is hosting the What Inspires You? contest.  In this contest Design enthusiasts are competing to win $10,000 and a 10-day trip to Maison & Objet in Paris. Phase 1 has ended, the judges have spoken and narrowed down the field to 100 […]

We Are Driving Ourselves Mad Content Curation, Original Content, Re-purposed Content, Purchased Content, Content Yada, Yada, There sure is a lot of fodder these days about how to slice the Content Pie, from bloggers, clients, side liners and such. What is a Business To Do? How about starting with what you always do when operating […]

So you have started your company or apartment community blog, and you are posting away, but you look around only to discover you are Alone and No Visitors have Arrived Now What Well, according to the American Marketing Association, you aren’t really alone. When tasked with the question, Are brands providing meaningful and engaging experiences to their customers through their […]