As a business owner, you’re already pressed for time, so how in the world are you expected to add blogging to your “to do” list? It can be easy to become frustrated when taking a look at your competitor’s blog and seeing a new post published daily. I’m going to let you in on a […]

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There is a very good chance that you can relate to the 42 percent of businesses that blame a lack of human resources available as the reason for a poorly executed content marketing strategy. Yes, you know you need to have a business blog, but as a small business owner, that likely means that you’re […]

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Too many SMB owners put off starting a business blog because they feel that they don’t have the skills and resources to create and maintain one. Are you in this predicament as well? If so, read on. If you simply don’t feel comfortable with establishing a blog, using a blogging platform, or creating blog content, […]

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By now you’ve probably heard the statistic that having a business blog leads to 55 percent more website visitors. More importantly, having a business blog can help convert more of those website visitors to customers. Aside from making your brand more visible online via search, blogs can offer other advantages to your business as well; […]


There’s not a business owner I’ve spoken to in the last year that doesn’t understand the crucial part content is playing in being discovered online. It’s a tremendous feeling as a content marketing professional, knowing we’ve come so far in moving away from the interruption marketing that was so prevalent in businesses of all types […]

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If you made the commitment to incorporate a business blog into your content marketing strategy in 2013, chances are that you did so in an effort to drive more traffic to your website. But did you get the traffic that you were hoping for? Chris Drucker recently shared his list of the top 10 small […]

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It’s Monday morning after an epic weekend and the last thing that you want to do is write content. If you ever run into those moments (and we all do), try one of these 5 proven strategies for curing writer’s block: Start a writing ritual. While this may mean turning on the Miles Davis Pandora […]

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Looking back over the past year, would you say that you are 100 percent satisfied with your website traffic via organic search? Most companies would answer ‘no’ to this question. Increasing your traffic via organic search is one part search engine optimization and one part content marketing. ¬†Although this is a grossly simplified breakdown, the […]

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A new year can provide you with a number of ways to challenge yourself, especially when it comes to creating content. Hopefully, you’ve had an opportunity to launch a blog for your business, and perhaps you have even taken the time to integrate SlideShare into your content marketing strategy. Another great way to add some […]

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Mixing up the types of content that you share on your business blog can help to keep your readers coming back for more, and we recently talked about some of the various formats that you may want to consider using. One of these blogging formats is a list post, which readers typically love because they […]

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