Although the Facebook timeline format has been available for profile pages for quite a while, it is only recently that Facebook has opened it up to business pages and this is a great opportunity.

All Facebook business pages will convert over to timeline by the end of March, and this is an exciting development as pages are going to be able to enjoy both an enhanced visual presence and an improved functionality for their content.

The newest visual change is the addition of cover art to brand pages. Pages will be able to post large graphics, that run the width of the page, that will draw in users. This will give the brand page a look and a feel that is truly unique. Moreover, Facebook guidelines for the cover art also means that pages can’t rely on broadcasting graphics to build their fan count, they have entice their visitors to like their page in an authentic way. Couple that with the content curation tools like starring/highlighting content, pinning content to the top of the feed, editing dates, and creating milestones, and the role of content is more pronounced and, in our opinion, getting its just due.

In social media marketing, content is king, and the proper use of Facebook’s timeline means that strong and smartly organized content will have its rightful place. We have compiled a free downloadable e-book for you to download to help you navigate the new timeline enhancements. Enjoy.

Download ‘How To Optimize Facebook Timeline For Your Business’.

Authors: Chris Vaughn & Ashley Sasnett – Design: Jenn Bryant

About Chris Vaughn

Chris builds, manages and executes inbound lead generation programs and is responsible for new business development and partnership with a focus on growing a brand. In the past, Chris was the Managing Editor at Bluff Media LLC and graduated from Oglethorpe University in 2005. In his spare time, Chris helps run a growing fantasy sports website and hangs out with his dog, Ace.