As a manager or owner of a small business, it can always be a challenge to get your employees to embrace something new.  However, if your employees are of a younger generation, implementing a team social media marketing plan may be easier than others.  Although it’s not as easy as telling your staff to Tweet and post on Facebook, discussing “social media” will at least get their attention.

But as you know, social media marketing must come equipped with a strategy.  Within that strategy is your target audience – the people most likely to engage with your business socially.  It is here that you may run into the biggest roadblock when it comes to implementing a social media marketing team plan.

If you really want to get your team on board  and involved with a company-wide social media marketing plan, Social Media Examiner recently shared some useful steps for motivating your team to embrace your new policy:

  1. Clearly define an overall goal for your social media marketing strategy. For some businesses, this may mean earning 100,000 likes on its Facebook page. For others, it may mean increasing overall revenue by 10 percent over the next 12 months. Be sure to explain how social media will help your team to accomplish this goal.
  2. While all employees should embrace your social media policy, you also need to create a social media task force. These particular employees will handle specific aspects of your social media marketing plan, such as a lead strategist and content manager.
  3. Identify your target audience and research where they spend their time online. This can help to prevent you from spreading your resources too thin by being active on every popular social media channel.
  4. Meet with your team regularly to discuss how your social strategy is going. For some companies, this may mean building social media into a another segment of their weekly sales meetings. By regularly revisiting the subject, it will allow you to be more consistent with your strategy and reinforce with your team that social media marketing should be top of mind.

Of course, to get your employees to truly embrace social media, you need to be sold on the strategy as well. If you’re still debating on whether online networking is a good fit for your business, download our free ebook about Social Media: The New Age off Word-of-Mouth Marketing.

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