For those of us fortunate to still have our fathers or be fathers, there are many traditions or ways of celebrating the day. For myself, I’m spending it on the lake with my Dad, out on the boat and (trying to) catch fish and enjoy the beautiful weather. Taking a break from that heat to have a sandwich and post about some thoughts about the day.

If you have a Facebook account, I’m sure you’ve noticed some friends or family have changed their ‘profile pictures’ to ones of their father. This is a nationwide phenomenon by the way. It’s a way to show Dad you are thinking of him, or in many cases, remembering and paying homage to him if he left you years ago.

Across the country or world and not gonna see him today? Send one of these e-cards to tell him you are thinking of him. Even on the most sacred and private of family days, the web is full of creative treats to show appreciation for Dads everywhere.

Off-day for social media and the corporate world? Think again. Many businesses are using the opportunity to connect with customers to promote their products and services or simply to raise money for charity.

Has social media affected your Father’s Day?

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