Renee Cooper is a Senior Online Content Manager at DigitalSherpa. Renee joined the team in 2010, and has been a valued contributor in many areas of the business. Renee is witty and puts a smile on the face of anyone who comes in contact with her.  Renee plays an essential role in the success of our company.

Renee, tell our readers a little about yourself.

I was born in San Diego, CA, but moved to Duluth, GA in 1996. I really hated it originally (I’m afraid of tornadoes which don’t exist in California but were pretty active here in GA during that El Nino year!), but made a lot of friends and became very involved in chorus, cheerleading, step team, and colorguard. Basically anything that could get me into a sports game for free!

Where did you go to school?

I chose to go to Arizona State University because it was just close enough to California to feel comfortable and far enough from home for me to feel freedom. Oh yeah, they also had the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. I was very fortunate to get work as a studio manager and control room assistant and decided that I preferred working behind the cameras rather than in front of them. When the university moved its production degree from the journalism school to film school, I moved back to GA to attend Georgia State University. I finished just 1 semester off schedule in winter 2009 with a BA in Journalism, concentration in production.

What brought you in to the field of Internet marketing? What brought you to Sherpa?

I have always loved writing and loved being connected to the Internet. I applied to NCI because it gave me the opportunity to be creative in my writing and over time taught me more and more about the marketing value of social media sites.

Tell us one important lesson you’ve learned from working at Sherpa.

Working at Sherpa has taught me what SEO meant, why it is useful, and why not anyone could just make a blog popular. I’ve learned the various insights involved in making content standout and I love seeing the results in my blogging and social media interactions at work and in my personal life.

What do you most enjoy about social media? Do you have a favorite social platform?

I’m addicted to Facebook! I think it’s one of the smartest inventions on the web because of the ability to connect so many people through similar interests. It has helped me stay in contact with friends, colleagues, and associates across the country and has also introduced me to businesses, artist, and people I may never have been able to run into in real life without this social catalyst. I also really love Pinterest because it’s a visually stimulating experience, on top of a dream come true when it comes to collaborating and sharing photos for costume and design projects.

Tell about some of your interests/hobbies outside Sherpa? What’s something most of your friends and family know about you?

I love making costumes, wearing them to wherever will allow them, and hula hooping. I think I’m pretty good at all of those things, but I am nowhere near as great as I know I could be. I attend a good amount of “nerd” conventions like DragonCon and Anime Weekend Atlanta. I used to consider myself and avid gamer, but I’m more about quality than quantity. I’m trying to find time to play through Mass Effect 3. It’s a great series. Everyone should play it!

What kind of music/movies do you enjoy? Any favorite?

I love action alien movies! I’m not to keen on the overly creepy stuff, but give me explosions and epic alien battles any day! My FAVORITE movies are Chronicles of Riddick and SW: The Clone Wars (don’t judge me)! As for music, if you steal my headphones at any random time you’ll likely hear techno or dubstep, or something orchestrated. Otherwise, I sing to anything I know on the radio in my car.

What would you most love to be doing in 10 years?

In 10 years I would really love to be managing the social media content for a company in the video game industry. Something as big as Bioware or as popular as a customs controller manufacturer. I’d also like to help out smaller business that make their mark in the geek and convention community, like crafters, artists, performers, or vendors. However, in 10 years who knows what the technology will be like, so I really would  love to say that I’ll be as in the know about social media and marketing as I am now!

About Rashan Beachem

Rashan has been a vital part of the DigitalSherpa movement since February 2011. As the Operations Coordinator, he manages and orchestrates the diverse range of operations of the department. He not only manages and coaches his staff, but also handles all aspects which lead to the smooth daily operation of the department. Working closely with staff and other departments allows him to problem solve quickly and efficiently. With his established relationships, he is able to direct each problem to its appropriate resource, tool or staff to ensure the most fruitful and fitting solution. His style of management includes assigning, correcting, modifying and monitoring process, while allowing room for employees to exhibit their creativity while remaining fully responsible for the completion of their tasks.