What are we  to do as social media slowly takes over the world? You treat it like any other pandemic and learn as much as you can about it, before it consumes you and all that you know. That may be reaching a bit, but making an impact is key. Is that statement that exaggerated? According to The Social Skinny, “Ninety-three percent of U.S. adult Internet users are on Facebook” and “eighty percent of active Internet users visit social networks and blogs.”

As purveyors of content, it’s our job and purpose to reach those percentages. It can definitely be difficult to do just that, but the more time you spend getting to know the best practices of social media, the better your results. And as DigitalSherpa becomes a major player in the field of online content and social media marketing, learning about components that are relevant to the industry is of growing importance. Attending conferences and seminars is one way that we can gather information to bring back home with us and in turn optimize the services we give to our clients—as well as to keep up with Internet marketing and social media tactics that seem at change at mach speeds!

Digital Atlanta 2012Digital Atlanta was one such conference that consisted of workshops and lectures that aim to benefit start-ups, small businesses, non-profits, entrepreneurs and businesses like DigitalSherpa. Topics such as innovations in technology, social media, mobile platforms, and entertainment were covered at this four-day event.

Here are a few highlights from sessions at the Digital Atlanta conference that pertain to DigitalSherpa’s business:

1. Blogging Tips That Get Results

What is one thing that all businesses want from the Web? To appear on the first page of a Google search. Sure, you can have a company website—but that content is static. A blog that contains fresh, original content is the way to move up the ranks. Here are some tips on how to make it happen:

  • Blog about topics that answer questions from your target audience. When customers have needs, they search for solutions online. If your business is plumbing, blogging about dogs won’t be helpful to your customer base.
  • Place keywords in title and body of the blog post. “Content Marketing Companies in Atlanta” is a good example of highly searched keywords. This fail-safe combination ensures that your blog receives traffic and generates leads.
  • More blogging is better. The more you blog, the more useful content you have, the more you attract repeat visitors. According to Marketing Charts, there is a correlation between blog posting frequency and customer acquisition.
  • Use calls to action. Don’t assume that potential customers will know that you want their business. You successfully grabbed the attention of a consumer through your blog—now turn that into a lead, with a CTA included in the post!

2. Creating Content That People Actually Care About

Maintaining a blog is more than just writing stories and watching the hits roll in. Planning your blog content is an essential step in increasing your online visibility.

  • Consider blog topic selections. Be a storyteller. Take risks. Analyze what topics work best.
  • Interact with your customers. When Google does a website crawl, and ranks, it’s looking at interactions, too! Read and respond to customer reviews of your business. Actively solicit feedback. All of this counts as useful content.

3. The Coming Together of Search and Social

Keywords and tags in blogs are not the only tools that impact SEO—social networks have a hand in it, too!

  • Take up as much real estate as possible in SERPs (search engine results pages) by creating keyword-rich profiles in LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. These are easy (and fun) ways to keep fresh content going, which will give your business credibility in the eyes of customers—as well as Google.
  • Social networking sites are acting as search engine sites—and it’s only about to get bigger with Facebook, as reported in Search Engine Journal. Ranking criteria for the Facebook search are still unknown, but we can guess that online interaction will be more important than ever for businesses.
  • Google+ business pages will be merged with Google Places, making them even more crucial.

4. How Business is Adapting to Mobile Internet

  • Mobile users more likely to call the site they are viewing–this is due to the convenience of the user already being on his/her phone.
  • “Mobile searches will outpace desktop in a year and a half.” — Danny Davis, Founder/CEO at Proving Ground
  • Good new developments
5. Contact is good, but some companies find processing calls more expensive than processing emails/forms
  • 1-Click checkout used by Amazon
  • The tailoring of different messages for each platform

Though only in its third year, Digital Atlanta has become a must-attend event for anyone near the realm of social media, and will continue to provide relevant workshops and seminars in this ever-changing culture year after year. To be honest, the coffee provided by Batdorf & Bronson was reason enough to head to Atlantic Station for the weeklong series of events–thanks, @jasondominy.

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