Today we welcome Jessice Cleary, a guest writer with some really unique and fun home design tips. 

Hello everyone, I’m Jessica. As a writer for Arcadian Lighting, I get to write about the latest interior designs trends and all the different light fixtures that go with them. I’m delighted to be guest posting for DesignSherpa today because I’d like to share a very popular trend in interior design right now: paint-dipped furniture. Sometimes the simplest details can be the most interesting, and paint-dipped furniture is such a simple way to transform a piece of furniture into a lovely, dynamic accent piece. I hope you enjoy!

Dipped Furniture

The paint-dipped chair and coat rack in this vignette instantly draw the eye and create an unique vignette. Blue and white is always a beautiful color combination, too.Dipped Furniture

An elegant black desk gets a chic transformation with gold dipped legs that match the brilliant brass handles. The petite desk lamp has a similar golden sheen that completes the ensemble.

Dipped Furniture

This charming cottage kitchen has a sweet, feminine atmosphere with its pink accents and one of several types of sparkling chandeliers. The white and pink chair is a playful touch.

Dipped Furniture

While this wooden stool would look perfectly neat and polished if it were completely painted white, but the dipped effect gives it a more chic, quirky appearance. The exposed wooden legs blend in with the floorboards for an interesting dynamic.

Dipped Furniture

A clever mix of rustic, vintage and chic, glamorous furnishings is both feminine and romantic. The paint-dipped chair looks fresh and modern.

Dipped Furniture

Matching orange and white and the color blocked effect of the paint-dipped chairs make this lobby fun and contemporary. These types of chunky, over-sized lamps are eye-catching in their own right.

Dipped Furniture

The brilliant red and white color of these charming side tables go together beautifully with the royal blue accents. Leaving wooden legs unpainted is always a nice compromise if you’d like to keep a touch of natural color and texture.

Dipped Furniture

A lovely mix of pastel paint-dipped chairs really liven up a room and give it a fresh Spring-like atmosphere. The sky blue legs on the armchair is a fun idea for giving new life to a traditional piece of furniture. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

What do you think of paint-dipped furniture? Let us know in the comments! And be sure to stop by Arcadian Lighting for daily inspiration and a huge selection of affordable lighting fixtures!

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  • Jessica

    Hi Jessica, my name is also Jessica. whatever it is, I think your are a student of design or you are a designer because you have chosen some awesome color combination furniture’s photos for your post! The above furniture sets are honestly looking pretty good. The most amazing furniture sets are red and white color side tables and white and blue color deep painted chair and coat rack. I will surely follow your color combination ideas which are really excellent! Looking for more amazing color combination ideas form you. Thanks for sharing.
    Jessica@ white furniture store.

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