If the answer is no, should your business have its own mobile app? This is a question that many SMB owners are asking themselves as they are trying to find more effective ways to reach the growing number of consumers that rely heavily on their mobile devices. Did you know that 56 percent of American […]

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Since 1887, coupons have been an essential resource in the marketer’s toolbox. Over the years, they have been used with great success (and sometimes horrible failure) by countless organizations throughout the world. Yet, after suffering a notable decline in recent decades, coupons have suddenly boomed in the digital landscape, as social websites establish innovative ways […]


Please join DigitalSherpa and wellness marketing expert Mark A. Mckenney for our latest Free Webinar: “Digital Marketing for the Spa, Health, & Wellness Industry Webinar” From print to multi-media, the way to market your business is ever-changing. Everyone keeps telling you that you must be engagement in social media to grow your business. While this […]

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Chances are your small business has a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and numerous beautifully created Pinterest boards. Now you can sit back, and wait for traffic and new clients to come to you, right? Wrong! Being successful on social media goes far beyond simply setting up the necessary accounts and expecting to be an […]

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After four years a few thousand multi-family clients, we understand that better social media management is a hot topic for many apartment community  and property managers.  Working in the apartment industry is just like being a small business owner, you’re doing the job of many while constantly looking for more hours in the day. We […]

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In the course of a working day, we all hit the proverbial brick wall from time to time. One thing that helped me push through was to print out quotes from books or blogs that really stood out to me, and hang them on the back of my door for a bolt of inspiration here […]


While you may have a phenomenal business value story to tell, it can sometimes be difficult to convey how superior your business is to the competition when you don’t have an opportunity to meet face-to-face. The Internet can serve as a powerful secondary resource for doing this, but these days it seems as though everyone […]

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When it comes to successfully running a business, you need to be able to accurately narrow down your customer base so that you know who to market to.  This means that you have to look at specific demographics, your products and services and start making some matches.  One of the largest demographic decisions you are going to […]


We talk a lot about social media marketing best practices, and with the start of a new year we thought it would be appropriate to focus this popular topic to mobile marketing trends for 2014. We saw an increase in the number of consumers that utilized a smartphone or tablet on a daily basis in 2013, which […]

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As a business owner, your website is an extension of your company.  What your visitors experience on your site will speak volumes to your business as a whole.  Whether your business is only online (i.e. e-commerce) or you have an actual brick and mortar store, the experience your visitors have on your website is of […]