It’s human nature to look for time-saving solutions to conquer our everyday tasks. While instant ground coffee beans may offer a quick fix for your daily caffeine intake, shortcuts don’t always yield the best results – especially when it comes to running your business. Social media marketing, for example, is one area that you need […]

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The press loves to share social media marketing blunders that brands make, and we love reading them because quite simply they are entertaining. However, when the joke is on your brand, you might feel differently. What measures do you  have in place today to help prevent a social media PR crisis? If the answer is […]

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Join DigitalSherpa President, Adam Japko, on his next webinar: “What my son taught me about social media marketing for small to medium sized businesses” An honest & personal discussion about social media and your business. Why are small businesses leaning so heavily into connection and relationship marketing? This is not a how-to webinar, but instead […]

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After four years a few thousand multi-family clients, we understand that better social media management is a hot topic for many apartment community  and property managers.  Working in the apartment industry is just like being a small business owner, you’re doing the job of many while constantly looking for more hours in the day. We […]

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Social media is one of the most powerful resources that we have for staying in the loop with trending news stories.  Those of us that are extremely active on social media often know the “breaking news” hours before our more ‘traditional media’ friends and family members.  If you’re like me, you get a nice little […]


It often seems as though there are not enough hours in the day to plow through our lengthy to-do lists, and adding social media marketing to the list can sometimes be all that it takes to make someone go crazy. Fortunately, there are a number of apps that now enable us to take care of […]

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There are approximately 186,084 practicing professional dentists in the United States alone. With so many different dental practices available to your current and future patients, social media is a great way to increase the public’s awareness of your practice – ultimately landing you new patients and keeping your practice financially successful. If you aren’t completely sold […]

Dentist And Social Media

If you’re the owner of a gym, your clientele is likely making their way into your facility to spring clean their physiques for bathing suit season. You can use this time of the year to do some spring cleaning of your own, and I’m not talking about scrubbing floors and wiping down machines. Instead, I’m […]

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If you can find a way to effectively communicate your brand’s value proposition with your target audience, you will be more likely to earn more business online. Social media marketing provides businesses with a unique opportunity to accomplish this very task, especially for those involved in the health and wellness industry. Whether you operate a […]

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Social media is a significant part of many companies’ overall marketing strategies. Billions of users are on the top social networking sites, and maintaining a presence on those sites helps companies connect with current and potential customers in new ways. One of the best aspects of social media marketing for many companies is that it […]

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