Pinterest may seem like just another website where people can go to show off their interests through photos, but it’s becoming a powerful marketing tool. Recently, Pinterest revealed a Guided Search feature that allows users to search for posts on everything from decorating ideas to dinner meals. In turn, the website has made it easier […]


Pinterest has proven to be one of the most effective social media sites for driving traffic to your site. To be successful on the network and to attract the largest amount of traffic possible, you must create a large number of boards with a lot of pins. You want to turn your Pinterest board into […]


Pinterest remains one of the dominant social networks, while offering online marketers a unique way to promote their brands. Not only do marketers have the opportunity to connect with more people on Pinterest, but they also have more opportunity to rank their sites as a result of image search. In order to get the most […]

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Even if you aren’t in a ‘beautiful’ or ‘creative’ industry, Pinterest can still be one of your most powerful social media marketing resources out there. Don’t let your lack of unique photos or graphics keep you from this booming social network.  Chances are your competitors have the same apprehension surrounding Pinterest; so, get ahead of […]

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So you’ve created a Pinterest account for your business and started a few boards, but do you really know what you’re doing when it comes to marketing your company on Pinterest? Did you know that some of the top searched items on Pinterest involve fitness, hair styles, and tips for self-improvement? Therefore, if you are […]

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We all know what an important part of a marketing strategy Pinterest can be, but it wasn’t that way just a few years ago. In fact, just a few years ago, Pinterest wasn’t even a part of the conversation. It had just gotten started, and only a few people even knew that it existed. It […]

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As the 3rd most popular social network site in the United States, having an active Pinterest strategy should be a prority for your small business. If you aren’t quite sure how exactly Pinterest can work for you, here are 10 great ways to use Pinterest for your small business, courtesy of Karen Leeland. 1. Set  […]


As the social media shinning star of 2013, it’s no surprise Pinterest is now the third most popular social network. It’s important that your small business has an active Pinterest account to accomplish greater social media success. If you are new to Pinterest, I suggest you begin by reading our free Pinterest Guide For Small […]


First, if your company hasn’t made the plunge into the amazing world of Pinterest, I highly recommend you read our free Pinterest Marketing Guide for Small Businesses to get started successfully! If your company is already on Pinterest, and you’re having some issues getting traction, then we have some awesome strategy tips designed to get your […]


Pinterest has quickly evolved as one of the most powerful social media marketing tools, and we have seen a number of enhancements to this site recently to benefit the small business marketer. In order to make the most of your efforts on Pinterest, Social Media Examiner recommends taking advantage of these four tools for both […]

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