Well, folks. No surprise here. Google has changed its search engine algorithm yet again, and this time its to give preference to mobile friendly web design. The change to the algorithm is effective today (April 21st) and will factor in the following criteria when ranking your website: Has your overall website design been optimized for […]

google mobile update

As a small business owner, you might understandably be under pressure to furnish your employees with phones, or perhaps update their current model. And let’s be honest, it would be amazing if every one of your employees (or even simply a few key staff members) had a modern phone to help them stay connected to […]

budget iphone

As we previously covered, Facebook has integrated the use of hashtags into the hugely popular social network. Chances are you may be somewhat familiar with hashtags by now (thanks Twitter!). However, just because you know what a hashtag is doesn’t necessarily mean the same rules apply to its use on every social network. Let’s discuss […]

facebook hashtag

Hey there! As someone who works in Social Media, I have the pleasure of constantly seeing new features, tools and innovations to social networks. One social network in particular – Facebook – has certainty been rolling out quite a few new features and updates over the past few months. Even I occasionally have trouble keeping […]


Hey Atlanta Friends! We’re going to Social Media Club Atlanta’s Tweetup this Thursday, July 11th at Einsteins in Midtown and wanted to invite any of our friends and followers to join us! Tweetups are a great chance to network and connect with fellow Social Media lovers within Atlanta (and uh, snack on some delicious food!) […]


Another day, another Facebook Update. On Monday Facebook unveiled a new search tool, Graph Search. Graph Search will allow Facebook users to easily execute detailed searches within their network of people, places and photos, such as “Which of my friends live in Atlanta” or “Photos of Restaurants in Chicago my friends like.” If your question […]

Graph Search

As you are well aware of, Instagram rocked the social media world a few weeks ago by announcing the addition of video capabilities to the extremely popular photo App, giving the current video leader Vine a run for their money (or uh, followers?). While both Video Apps may seem identical at first glance, there are […]

Vine and Instagram

Hey Friends! I had the pleasure of attending Mashable’s Social Media Day Atlanta Event (VIP style, no less. A huge thank you to DigitalSherpa!) last Thursday Night at The Foundry at Puritan Mill. Though there were hundreds of fellow Social Media nerds in attendance, I luckily didn’t have to tweet alone that evening as we […]

Social Media Day

Meet Alexa Crisa: One of DigitalSherpas newest Account Associates. Alexa is witty, slightly obsessed with The Flying Biscuit and is traditional Irish Dancer in her free time. And she’s been featured on Huffington Post, ABC News, Good Morning America and even graced the front page of Reddit. And no, sadly it’s not because she made our […]

Ipad in Bumper

Hey friends! We’re super excited about National Social Media Day this Thursday, June 27th! In celebration, the good folks over at Mashable are throwing an amazing bash Thursday evening in Atlanta. Of course we’re attending, and we’d love to see you there! Check out this video from last years party and prepare to get excited! […]

Social Media Day