Here’s the thing with the Internet – it’s really not “anonymous” anymore. For better or worse, it’s changed over the past twenty years in ways no one expected (or if you did, great call!). Information is literally at the push of a key, and your businesses’ reputation is pretty dependent on it. Visitor trust and […]


We read as much as we write around here, and there’s no shortage of tremendous and educational content for marketing professionals out there. One of the primary objectives of content & social media marketing is lead generation. After all, what’s all that hard work for without tangible business outcomes? So, to get right to it, […]

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We’ve all heard the mantra, “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”. While I agree to this philosophically sound reasoning with things such as the ingredients in Mountain Dew or Twitter functionality, I also believe we, as marketing professionals, can fall prey to victim of complacency. Thomas Edison was quoted as saying, “…without data how […]

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Whether they know it or not, sales teams have been “scoring” leads since the first product was sold. Salespeople, regardless of software or methodology, have some level of instinctual understanding to where a prospect might be in the buying cycle. The communication and delivery of leads from marketing to sales can create an abject relationship […]

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Wait, what? What do YOU mean no one cares about my website design? Such a bold claim from a web developer, right? Here’s why you should stop caring about your website design. Let me add some further confusion: a website’s design is actually important. What’s not important is how much you value your sites worth, […]


Effective call to action buttons perform actions across the web. Are your buttons performing the correct actions? Do you even have buttons or call-to-actions? Where do they go? Let’s explore implementing these links / actions and where they should go. While developing the new DigitalSherpa website, we needed to implement multiple call-to-actions, or CTAs, across […]

Most of Our Contact CTAs Do Not Force the Visitor to Leave the Page

Considering that 61 percent of Internet users throughout the world will research a product online before making a purchase, your business needs to have an online presence to tap into this group of informed consumers. There is a difference, however, in simply launching your brand online and truly marketing your brand online. For those focusing […]

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It’s a new year and with it comes new budgets, new strategies, and the potential for the same web headaches of 2013. New leads are important to any business, and your website is a great source of lead generation – but are you seeing the results you expected? If not, I’d like to give you […]

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Why should email be such a critical component of your inbound marketing strategy? Well, considering that 91 percent of consumers check their email at least once per day should tell you something. There is a big difference though between sending out a mass email blast to just anyone and sending out a more targeted email […]

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Think about some of the best designed web pages that you have visited. If you need some examples, HubSpot recently shared the key elements that every website should have.  When taking a moment to explore these sites, you will notice that one of the most important elements on every website is a lead generation form […]

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