If I had nickel for every time a prospective client asked me why they need a blog when they already have a website, well, I’d have a nice chunk of change. The truth is, small- to medium-sized business owners are starting to become a lot more savvy about social media marketing and they’re really starting […]

Content marketing is all about making the connections between information of interest to your target market, and using it to promote your product or service. If your business activities can generate enough excitement to build your content around them regularly, that’s great. Few small business ventures have that much going on, however, and social media, […]

The goal of search engine optimization is to elevate the content you produce on the Web to the best possible search engine result pages (SERPs). All businesses and brands know the value of “being on page 1″, and many of them are putting valuable company resources toward that goal. While being on page 1 of […]

I’ve subscribed to hundreds of different brand pages over the years. Some good, some bad, some completely forgettable. Standing out in the sea of content on Facebook is an increasingly difficult task. Many companies have one or more full time social media employees whose sole job is to keep up with the latest trends and […]

The Rothman Guide To Modern Advertising For Social Media From Rothman Advertising comes this really powerful and scrupulous look at the current Web marketing landscape. A must read for business owners or marketing professionals who have to justify spending on Internet marketing. Is ‘The Fancy’ the future of social media? Combining the photo and content […]

Today DigitalSherpa President Adam Japko gave a presentation to a group of over 500 small business owners, marketing executives, and people interested in content marketing and the social web. Below is a recorded copy of the video for repeat viewing or in case you were not able to attend live: If you have any more […]

Fans of the hit AMCTV cable series “Mad Men” for some time now have been getting an inside look at what the world of marketing was like 50 years ago, and more and more have become mesmerized by this seductive and exciting world. Marketing and advertising have always had a sense of mystery and allure […]

Over the past few decades, technology has providentially leveled the playing field for business owners with small budgets and narrow profit margins and who are in search of affordable marketing options to spread their brand’s message. The far-reaching — and inexpensive — arm of e-mail is a perfect example.  To date, it’s one of the […]

In today’s diverse and decentralized economy, prospective clients are scattered, but they all come together online to search for their desired good or service. A recent report by the McKinsey Global Institute entitled “The Social Economy” reported that: 72 percent of companies use social technologies in some way…Companies will go on developing ways to reach consumers […]

Earlier this month, Facebook announced some security improvements that would remove ‘fake accounts’ from Facebook brand pages. These changes have begun implementation over the last couple of days and some businesses are seeing their number of fans decrease. What is a ‘fake like’? There are a number of ways fake accounts can be generated on Facebook. […]