Building a huge following on social media can be a great way to connect with your customers or potential customers. However, if they are not engaged, having such as a huge audience would be like telling jokes in a packed arena only to hear a smattering of applause – or even no applause at all. […]


It’s no surprise social media giant, Facebook, is capitalizing on the huge success video marketing has experienced in recent years by adding video advertising options. As we’ve recently covered, incorporating video into your existing online marketing mix can yield great results for your small business. If you aren’t sure where to start, I recommend you […]


Whether you’re aware of it or not, the key metric that your Facebook marketing success may hang on is something called your “reach.” More specifically, your Facebook reach. But what exactly does this mean and why should it matter to page owners and marketers? When we refer to Facebook reach, we are talking about the number […]

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As an apartment community or property manager marketing your business, your most common objectives are to create awareness for your property, expand your online reach, and build an online community that mimics your offline property. One way to accomplish this is to increase your focus on social media marketing; most specifically…Facebook.  Your business’s Facebook page […]


Last week Facebook announced a roll out of a new-look Newsfeed. This comes roughly one year after the social media giant made a huge announcement about how the Newsfeed will be redesigned for a totally new experience.  The original changes included a new navigation bar, larger photos, and an overall focus on imagery.  After rolling […]

New Facebook Design

Have you noticed that you tend to see posts from the same Facebook users over and over, and might miss a few posts from someone else?  Whether you’re using Facebook for business or personal interests, it’s important to understand why certain posts do or do not show up in your Newsfeed. You might have heard […]

Facebook Edgerank Algorithm

If you haven’t already figured it out, there is a huge difference between having a Facebook page for your business and having a stellar one. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your page, check out Inc’s list of the 20 best company Facebook pages. As you can see from this list, you don’t have […]

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Over the last year, there has been a lot of chatter in Internet marketing circles about the alleged death of Facebook. Several op-ed pieces have been published about whether or not the social media giant is on the way out, referencing studies that have been released in the last year questioning the site’s future. One […]

Facebook's latest app: Paper

Facebook is a great place to connect with customers and to show them more about your business beyond what products or services you have to offer. In fact, it’s encouraged that you try to show off some of your company’s personality so that you aren’t just using your fan page as a sales platform. However, […]


Communication has never been a one-way street, but past marketing methods have not been conducive to back and forth discussions. Social media marketing, on the other hand, thrives on interaction and engagement between a company and its customers. The appropriate interaction makes people feel valued. It means their needs and desires have been acknowledged and […]

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