Facebook made its first appearance when I was a junior in college, when you still needed to have an email address from a school that had signed up to be on Facebook in order to be active on the social media site. I guess it gave us a false sense of security because my friends […]

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So you’ve developed a strategy to make your brand more likable on Facebook and have earned a healthy base of followers. While this is great, you have to consider that your fans are probably choosing to follow some of their other favorite brands on Facebook as well. This means that the competition is fierce for […]

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Paying to advertise on Facebook is nothing new, but the rising cost of ads may soon make it more difficult for small businesses to thrive on the site. Specifically, marketing teams that have a limited budget might need to look elsewhere to gain a presence in the social networking world. In July, Facebook revealed that the […]

Chart on Cost to reach 1000 people via online advertising

Social media is a great forum for sharing exciting news about your business and industry; however, with each status update or image that you share, you walk a fine line between a socially acceptable post and an incredibly obnoxious one. I guarantee that you’ve pinpointed a few “friends” that are constantly using Facebook to push […]

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Facebook is constantly enhancing its site to be more friendly to businesses that are using the social media outlet to market their brands. First of all, have you taken the time to make yourself familiar with Facebook Insights? If not, you need to stop what you’re doing and check this analytics tool out. It offers […]

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Let’s face it, Facebook has changed. No longer can business page owners expect a ton of natural engagement – well, at least not without paying for it. But that’s OK! Here’s why… Facebook advertising is one of the most affordable and effective platforms for small businesses. Not to mention, with a little help & patience, […]


Sometimes it feels like Facebook is a popularity contest where everyone is striving to get more likes, comments, and shares on their posts. I think it’s human instinct to periodically look back at your Facebook status updates throughout the day to keep tally of how many likes your post is generating. It’s our egos fault! I’m […]

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With over a billion users each month, Facebook represents one of the biggest potential audiences available to marketers. Over the past several years, many companies have recognized the importance of using this enormous social media site to their advantage. Facebook and other social media sites require a unique approach, as opposed to more traditional types […]

55 More Ways to Boost Engagement on Facebook COVER

Social media is always changing. Whether it’s a new Twitter feature or an entire redesign from Facebook, both consumers and businesses are constantly faced with an ever-changing social landscape. With these environment changes come behavior changes.  Some for the better, and some for the worse. As a business owner trying your hand at social media […]

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Now that you’ve built a loyal group of followers that “like” your Facebook page, you need to attract their interest if you want to drive traffic to your site. The importance of engaging content that’s compelling and educational is central to any inbound marketing strategy, and it’s certainly true for your company’s social media presence. […]

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