Your content is the most important element of your website. Without the right content marketing strategy, your website will never reach its full potential. You’ll never get the full traffic you could have, and you’ll never get the exposure you could have. Creating a successful content marketing strategy isn’t easy. The right plan includes the […]


The typical paragraph is five sentences long with five words per sentence. Therefore, a blog post that consists of 100 words is four short paragraphs comprised of very brief, simple sentences. Sounds easy peasy to me. But does that make for good content? Can you really write a solid blog post in 100 words or […]

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Are you looking to capture more women in your marketing efforts? If so, you’re not alone! Here are just a few of the riveting reasons why so many businesses are trying to attract the attention of women: Women have astronomical purchasing power and currently make 85 percent of all brand purchases. Approximately 2/3 of the […]

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Before joining DigitalSherpa, I had the privilege (or misfortune, depending on the day you asked me) of writing for newspapers for upwards of five years. In fact, what attracted me to Sherpa was its thriving marriage to content. But, I had no idea how I would immerse into the world of managing content created specifically […]

Journalis and content marketing collide

If you’re like me, your mind is always running in 15 different directions. In addition to a hectic workday, I’ve got a wild 3 year old and cuddly 6 month old that require my undivided attention, so time management is a must. While you might not be juggling two young kiddos, something tells me that […]

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Too many SMB owners put off starting a business blog because they feel that they don’t have the skills and resources to create and maintain one. Are you in this predicament as well? If so, read on. If you simply don’t feel comfortable with establishing a blog, using a blogging platform, or creating blog content, […]

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Creating a successful content marketing plan requires coming up with consistent and interesting content that your readers will find both engaging and informative. It also requires that you keep an eye on your competitors so that you can create content that is distinct from theirs and can make sure you are part of any popular […]

It has been a long-standing debate that has small businesses still asking the question – which is better for the enterprise, WordPress or Blogger? Blogging has become a cornerstone of content marketing, and people look to company blogs to get a better idea of the people who work behind the scene. That being said, there […]

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Do you know the answer to this question? If not, read on! I often feel like I am being pulled in a million different directions throughout the day as I try to my various responsibilities, so for a little fun (and additional procrastination), I took a quiz to find out what time of day I […]

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Sometimes you’re simply not in the mood to write a blog post, and pushing yourself to write one when your creative juices aren’t flowing can result in stinky, boring content, otherwise known as a mediocre blog post. You and I both have read our fair share of blog posts that just didn’t cut it, and […]

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