Although 2014 is still in full force, the year is winding down, meaning it’s time to start making predictions – about content marketing, of course. Every year, it seems like technology and data dramatically evolves the way that marketers develop content. In 2015, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t expect to see some changes. Here […]

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These days, it’s not hard to find information on content marketing, but have you stopped to think of how much of it is just idle chit-chat? Not all of the nuggets of information you find are diamonds in the rough – some content marketers are just as new to the game as you. That being […]

Content Marketing

As the holidays quickly approach, you may want to take a look at your content marketing strategy. Is there special you could be doing with your e-Books, whitepapers and webinars for the holidays? How does your target audience’s needs change with the season? While you may not have to make any big alterations this time […]

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In HubSpot’s annual “State of the Inbound” report released this past September, it was revealed that only 53 percent of inbound marketers measure their ROI. That means that 47 percent of marketers are putting an effort toward content marketing, but have no idea whether it’s actually paying off. If you’re on the guilty side of […]

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Not everyone is a writer, and those who don’t find their work to be the next bestselling novel are not likely to help out with the company blog. That being said, your marketing team may need a little assistance on this front – how do you encourage other employees to start blogging? Having other employees […]


Creating clear buyer personas is absolutely necessary for every aspect of your marketing plan, including your business blog and social media efforts. Your buyer personas will help make you aware of who your buyer is and what factors influence the decision to make a purchase. Knowing your buyer personas inside and out will not only […]

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Is there a magic word count that you should aim for when writing your blog posts? This is a question that comes up time and time again, so I thought it would be worth it to address it. Somewhere along the line, people became keen on writing the 500 word count blog post. If you […]

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Yes, you may have a million other tasks to take care of this morning that you think should take priority to writing content for your business blog. However, you should consider your blog to be a valuable asset to your organization, helping to drive leads and conversions. That is, of course, assuming that you have […]

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Are you happy with the performance of your business blog, and is it helping to drive qualified traffic to your website? If you answered no to both questions and your blog just simply feels stale, you may want to consider rebranding it. If you did not engage the help of a content marketing agency when […]

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We know that 89 percent of consumers use search engines to make purchase decisions, and many of these consumers go on to make purchases via the internet from these searches. I can almost guarantee that you, too, have made a purchase via the internet in the past 30 days. Personally, if it wasn’t for my […]

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