Google sent SEO’s and online marketers into a tail spin with the announcement of its latest algorithm, Hummingbird. Though not technically a part of the Hummingbird update, Google also announced around the same time that it would not be updating its PageRank numbers in its toolbar.  Although, Google will continue to monitor page rank internally, […]

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While we often use our blog to share best practices for executing a successful inbound marketing strategy, it is just as important to highlight what not to do as well. Unfortunately, there are a number of brands that simply stink at building relationships with their audiences online. Are you one of them? Check out our […]

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Your business blog provides you with an opportunity to define yourself as an industry leader in your space by creating content that engages your audience while providing third party validation that you are a credible resource for your readers. Perhaps you think you are delivering value to your audience through your passionately written blog posts, […]

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One of the biggest challenges to maintaining a riveting and up-to-date business blog is coming up with content ideas that your target audience will find interesting and relevant. Fortunately, after you’ve been writing content for a while, you can occasionally turn to your more successful blog posts and repurpose them as an effective way to […]

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For many people, the idea of starting a business blog can be incredibly overwhelming. Fortunately, there are a number of user-friendly blogging platforms that can help to simplify the start-up process. Once the blogging platform that best suits your needs is selected, you’ll need to start planning your content strategy. When blogging and creating content […]

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As you crank out another blog post for your business, have you taken the time to carefully consider the keywords and phrases that your target audience is likely typing into search engines when researching for topics related to your company and it’s products/services? This will not only help to drive more qualified traffic to your […]


In the course of a working day, we all hit the proverbial brick wall from time to time. One thing that helped me push through was to print out quotes from books or blogs that really stood out to me, and hang them on the back of my door for a bolt of inspiration here […]


There’s not a business owner I’ve spoken to in the last year that doesn’t understand the crucial part content is playing in being discovered online. It’s a tremendous feeling as a content marketing professional, knowing we’ve come so far in moving away from the interruption marketing that was so prevalent in businesses of all types […]

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Understanding the importance of business blogging, many SMB owners made the resolution to start a blog in 2014. While many of these blogs will be started with good intentions and high enthusiasm, tight schedules and ‘fires to be put out’ often get in the way – causing blogging efforts to fall to the wayside. Don’t […]

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Question: would you be shocked to find out that businesses spent over $118 BILLION on content marketing and social media marketing in 2013? Most would answer, “YES.” Yet, most would nod and agree that all businesses should be creating content online – and distributing it via social media. That’s because you’ve heard those terms thrown around – along with […]