Many people think about a blog as a diary, or something that is so personal that you simply can’t ask for any help. A common question business owners and operators have is “How can someone write about my business and be my voice when I am the expert?”

Did you know that many of the famous books you have read have actually been written by ghost writers? For example, Flowers in the Attic, supposedly written by the well known V.C. Andrews, was actually written by her assistant Andrew Neiderman. The famous Nancy Drew Diaries are attributed to Carolyn Keene, but a little digging will show that ghost writers were actually hired for parts of the series. It was even rumored at one time that the great Stephen King uses ghost writers. It’s been revealed since that he does not, but that he has in fact consulted with other writers when compiling his epic horror novels. I think in this scenario there can only be one Stephen King. Don’t you?

Although there are many who have gained notoriety as business bloggers, it’s common that the blogger is a business owner or executive whose expertise is in their line of work, not in writing. Also, a big reason business operators and owners write a blog is to engage their past customers and prospects with relevant content, as well as to find new customers through organic search. To accomplish this you must know the difference between traditional writing and SEO style of writing 

For example: That clever, snappy title may look great in a magazine, but actually has little or no SEO value whatsoever. You need to try to think like a search engine when coming up with your titles and keywords! Look at the title of this blog for example. Can you see someone typing the title as a question into Google? And that’s just part of how you need to think about SEO style of writing.

So hiring an expert blogger to be your voice can be a very effective solution for your business for 3 main reasons:

1.)    Time- Having someone doing the heavy lifting frees up your time to work with customers.

2.)    Expertise- Hiring someone that has experience in blogging as an SEO style will make your content more searchable and help create new customers.

3.)    Budget- In the long run it can save you money since proper content marketing can take anywhere from 10-15 hours per week to be effective. (And that doesn’t even begin to include your time doing proper social media marketing!) What is an hour (or 20) of your time worth?

So when it comes to the question at hand, “Can a Business Blogger (Ghost Blogger) Find My Voice?” The answer yes- with your input on direction and feedback a ghost blogger can not only write content that you feel is compelling and from your expert perspective, but also can write in the SEO style that becomes very valuable to your business.  DigitalSherpa manages and ghost writes for more than 1,400 blogs for small to medium sized businesses effectively and affordably.  Oh, and many of our customers jump in and write some content on their own as well. This has been proven to be a great strategy for many business owners and operators.

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About Keith Sauro

Keith has spent the last sixteen years in local media management, launching both online and offline local media brands, and has become DigitalSherpa’s poster boy for outside the box marketing and thinking. Working his current passion as National Sales Director of DigitalSherpa, he is responsible for business development, client communication, and support of DigitalSherpas 100+ person local sales force. Keith is focused on helping small and large companies build their social media and internet footprints to drive more leads and business opportunity.