business bloggingThink of your favorite teacher, the best you ever had. What was it about him or her? Each of us encounter dozens as we progress through the grades and disciplines, and each of us surely has that one person that left an indelible mark on our lives.

For me it was a Philosophy professor I had at Oglethorpe University, Dr. Wirth. (Does yours go back further? Elementary school anyone?) I’d be willing to bet Dr. Wirth was my favorite for many of the same reasons you’ve chosen yours.

It’s because when he taught, it felt like someone was talking with me, and not at me. Chris Brogan writes about this in a years-old blog post where he’s clearly venting some frustration at the lack of humanity in business and company blogs.

Your favorite teacher is the one who knew when to make the small turns, and the big ones, as you struggled and thrived learning new material.

Your favorite teacher knew that engagement is a two-way street, that a teacher/student relationship works best when both sides are learning and communicating.

Your favorite teacher understood you had other classes, and the world didn’t revolve around that one classroom, and that time was precious.

Your favorite teacher asked about you and appreciated your work at times you most needed it.


What was it about your favorite teacher that set him/her apart from the rest?

About Chris Vaughn

Chris builds, manages and executes inbound lead generation programs and is responsible for new business development and partnership with a focus on growing a brand. In the past, Chris was the Managing Editor at Bluff Media LLC and graduated from Oglethorpe University in 2005. In his spare time, Chris helps run a growing fantasy sports website and hangs out with his dog, Ace.