Internet Marketing Employee SpotlightBlogging for your business can be enjoyable and rewarding when you have a great idea to tackle. Having the right topic not only saves you time, but hooks in your readers (who can tell when a blog topic is planned and nurtured and not just thought of at the last second).

A really easy and fun topic for a blog post is the ‘Employee Spotlight’. It gives your clients and fans an opportunity to take a peek inside your business, and hopefully feel even more comfortable with the service they are being provided. You can also certainly do this with a client, as long as the client is comfortable talking about their business with you in a public forum.

Tips For Writing An ‘Employee Spotlight’

Not unlike other blog posts for your business, you’ll have a finite amount of time to engage and interest your readers. Your average reader only has a finite amount of time to go through his/her blogs every day, so you’ll want to keep it brief while still getting your key points across.

1. Start With A Background Question

Start by asking your subject about their past. Where he or she grew up, what they enjoyed as a child, where they went to school, etc. It’s in our nature to want to learn more about other people, especially if the person is associated with a business or company that we’re familiar with. Let your subject get in to a bit of detail about the sort of person they are. If they are too brief, ask some more leading questions to get the right amount of details and information before proceeding.

2. Find Out What Inspires The Subject

Let’s remember this is still very business-related. As the interviewer, we want to find out what led the subject to choose the career they’ve ended up in. Asking a question like “When did you first know you wanted to work in the _____ field?” will often draw answers that provide color and explanation for the subject’s interests and career goals.

3. Ask About The Job. Ask About The Future.

Ask the employee what they most love about their current job. Ask them to provide an anecdote from the workplace that sheds some light on their responsibilities and daily job duties. In addition, ask where the employee sees their career path taking them. Ask where the person might want to be in 5 or 10 years.

4. Ask Some Fun Questions

Ask a couple silly or fun questions. If you know something that’s particularly interesting or quirky about the person you are spotlighting, ask some questions that get them to talk about it. Ask about their favorite music, movies or foods. Give them an opportunity to show off their personality a bit to your readers.

If you want a couple examples to take some ideas from, check out a few of our own recent employee spotlights, and learn some more about the great people at DigitalSherpa!

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