We read as much as we write around here, and there’s no shortage of tremendous and educational content for marketing professionals out there. One of the primary objectives of content & social media marketing is lead generation. After all, what’s all that hard work for without tangible business outcomes? So, to get right to it, […]

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Evaluating Your PPC Strategy Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be one of the most effective ways to get exposure for your brand or product in a very short amount of time. Many marketers choose to run PPC campaigns when a site is just starting up or when they have a special product or event to promote. […]

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Whether they know it or not, sales teams have been “scoring” leads since the first product was sold. Salespeople, regardless of software or methodology, have some level of instinctual understanding to where a prospect might be in the buying cycle. The communication and delivery of leads from marketing to sales can create an abject relationship […]

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In the course of a working day, we all hit the proverbial brick wall from time to time. One thing that helped me push through was to print out quotes from books or blogs that really stood out to me, and hang them on the back of my door for a bolt of inspiration here […]


There’s not a business owner I’ve spoken to in the last year that doesn’t understand the crucial part content is playing in being discovered online. It’s a tremendous feeling as a content marketing professional, knowing we’ve come so far in moving away from the interruption marketing that was so prevalent in businesses of all types […]

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The DigitalSherpa website has undergone quite the overhaul since I first started working here in 2011 (you can check out that version here, if your eyes can take it). DigitalSherpa was just beginning to grow, and our marketing team of one, with some help from a couple web designers, were doing the best they could. […]

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Content marketing, in essence, is the amalgamation of content and strategy to reach a desired audience. When properly executed (great content and great strategy), content marketing can change the scope and outcomes of a business. While all blogging is content marketing, our goal is to put together a list of the 11 best content marketing […]

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Early in October, news sites broke that Google was going to send all searches on its engine through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), ensuring that all search data would be private and not visible to webmasters managing keyword data in Google Analytics. So, what does this mean? If you have run a website for some time, […]

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Social media is a free and incredibly powerful branding tool that your business should be taking advantage of if it isn’t already. Long gone are the days when social media usage was limited to teenagers and college students. In fact, the 30 to 49 age bracket is the second largest demographic that utilizes social media […]

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The Web is full of awesome social networking marketing strategy information for businesses. Each day there are new infographics created, blog posts published, and videos recorded that can absolutely help business owners learn how to effectively communicate and grow their brands on the Internet. But let’s be honest, a lot of the advice out there […]

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