Twitter Cards. You’ve heard about them and seen people using them all over the social networking platform, but what are they? Do they provide any value to the everyday content marketer? In order to understand what Twitter Cards can do for your marketing strategy, it’s important to grasp the full concept of a Twitter Card, […]


Newsflash: Just because your business has a Facebook account doesn’t classify your brand as digital. Launching your brand on social media, however, is a start. In an age where everything seems to be digitalized, from shopping for the perfect gift to ordering a pizza, your business has the potential to grow leaps and bounds simply […]

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What part of the online marketing equation has you stumped? SEO? PPC? Blogging? Local business listings? Ask me. What specific social media marketing network keeps you up at night? Is it Facebook? How about Twitter? Instagram? I can help. What the heck do all these statistics, data points, and analytics actually mean? Let me clarify. […]


I asked myself this very question as I spent an afternoon sipping on frozen drinks from the lounge chair of my suburban neighborhood pool. Okay, maybe it wasn’t the Caribbean and there were rowdy and rambunctious kids splashing around, but I can dream, right? I think we all know that Monday morning feeling when all […]

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Trying to handle every aspect of your business blog on your own is probably not the best use of your time. It’s also a quick way to create content that is boring with the same monotonous format. Some of the best advice that you’ll hear from experienced bloggers is to share the workload by letting […]

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How much time are you currently dedicating to social media marketing? If you’re a typical small business, you’re probably spending a minimum of 6 hours each week working on your social media strategy. When you think about it, that’s nearly an entire work day spent browsing through the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more! […]

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Have you taken the time to read through your blog posts lately? If you haven’t, I would venture to guess that all of your posts seem to take on the same monotonous tone and feel. As humans, we are routine in nature, and this applies to the way that we write our content too. So, […]

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So you’ve developed a strategy to make your brand more likable on Facebook and have earned a healthy base of followers. While this is great, you have to consider that your fans are probably choosing to follow some of their other favorite brands on Facebook as well. This means that the competition is fierce for […]

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As a consumer, what is your reason for getting online? If you’re like most people, you are using the web to research products and services before making a purchase. As business owners, we focus on SEO to improve how our pages rank in search results. This means publishing high quality content often that is optimized […]

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A picture can speak a thousand words, and Pinterest has grown in popularity through this single concept. The photo-hosting website continues to attract people who have a love of pictures, as well as marketers who believe in the power of visual content. However, Pinterest has expanded its offerings in recent months to appeal to those […]