Your company has a Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram account – every social networking platform under the sun – but all of your profiles are duds. You haven’t seen your following grow in weeks, and no one out there is sharing your content. What gives? There are a couple of reasons why your social […]


This week I treated myself to a work day spent at my favorite neighborhood coffee shop. I typically work from home, so having the opportunity to be surrounded by an interesting and somewhat quirky crowd definitely helps spark my creativity. While standing in line to fill up my mug, I started talking with a girl that […]


As a marketer, it’s your job to convey your company’s message to your prospects. That being said, you can easily get stuck in a rut if you’ve been telling the same story to your audience for months. Even worse, you could be boring your target buyer persona to tears, which may hurt your chances of […]

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These days just about anyone can start  blog, but what is the point of maintaining one if no one is reading it? Maybe you’ve been getting some new traffic on your business blog due to your efforts of occasionally sharing your posts on social media. While that’s a positive sign, what are you doing to […]

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Pinterest may seem like just another website where people can go to show off their interests through photos, but it’s becoming a powerful marketing tool. Recently, Pinterest revealed a Guided Search feature that allows users to search for posts on everything from decorating ideas to dinner meals. In turn, the website has made it easier […]


Odds are if you have a computer, tablet, smart phone, a book written in the last two years, library card, radio or any access to the outside world, really, you have heard of hashtags. They have become so popular that Merriam-Webster has given the hashtag a spot in their coveted dictionary. They have literally #changedthegame […]

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Your content is the most important element of your website. Without the right content marketing strategy, your website will never reach its full potential. You’ll never get the full traffic you could have, and you’ll never get the exposure you could have. Creating a successful content marketing strategy isn’t easy. The right plan includes the […]


The typical paragraph is five sentences long with five words per sentence. Therefore, a blog post that consists of 100 words is four short paragraphs comprised of very brief, simple sentences. Sounds easy peasy to me. But does that make for good content? Can you really write a solid blog post in 100 words or […]

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Being a 30 something woman, my personal Facebook newsfeed could better be described as ‘BabyBook’. Nearly every image in my newsfeed seems to be of a gorgeous family doting on their newest addition or photogenic toddlers that are perfectly groomed and wearing coordinating smocked outfits on the beach at sunset. My younger and slight more […]

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Page rank is a complicated – and entirely secret – formula that determines how well your site appears in search results. One thing we know for certain that helps improve your search ranking is getting inbound links from relevant, high-quality sites. But what about when you are just starting out and have no links? Is […]