When I started Stand Up 5 years ago, I was going to local college bars during a music open mic. The music was really there for background as people talked about their hard college lives, “I can’t believe I got a C on that paper,” etc. So then I come up, the music stops and […]


Here’s the thing with the Internet – it’s really not “anonymous” anymore. For better or worse, it’s changed over the past twenty years in ways no one expected (or if you did, great call!). Information is literally at the push of a key, and your businesses’ reputation is pretty dependent on it. Visitor trust and […]


Social media should be considered your business blog’s best friend as it’s one of the best ways to spread the word about all of the great content that you’re publishing. Unfortunately, few SMB owners choose to promote their blogs on social media, which is a rookie mistake as they are missing out on a huge […]

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Mobile marketing is no longer a niche undertaking. Site owners are learning the hard way that they can no longer ignore mobile marketing in their overall online marketing plans. More and more users are accessing the web through their smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices, and mobile is starting to command a huge share […]

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Many online marketers treat content marketing separately from social media marketing. They develop strategies for their blog that is completely different from their social media channels with the idea that the rules for engagement are different for each. To some extent, that is true. The way you engage on Twitter is even different from the […]

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You can study writing for years to learn how to create great content. You can learn about a variety of techniques to attract and engage readers, from creating eye-grabbing headlines to writing an effective lede to using a variety of creative techniques like metaphor or alliteration. Above all other techniques you may learn, creating stories […]

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I don’t know about you, but I find it incredibly annoying when I read an email or a blog post where I can tell that the author was purposely trying to show off his vocabulary to appear smart. This is what I call a lot of fluff, and unfortunately, there is too much of that […]

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Do you ever feel like you’re cranking out blog posts that are only appreciated by the wall in your office? If the comments and shares that you are getting on your business blog posts are few and far between, you are not alone.  With 152 million blogs online, the majority of them get little to […]

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In today’s interconnected online world, anyone can post a comment relaying their opinion about your company. Whether positive, negative, justified or not, billions of Internet users throughout the world can view the post any time. Even worse, these reviews are available for an infinite amount of time. Online comments about your business can have a […]

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As I sit here trying to get motivated to write, I can’t help but get overwhelmed with thoughts of, “no thanks, I’d rather not.” You see, my role here at DigitalSherpa is to oversee all of the content that’s shared online via digitalsherpa.com and our social channels.  When you’re executing content marketing & social media […]

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