Memes. We see them everywhere, everyday. Ryan Gosling saying hey girl.  The most interesting man in the world putting in his two cents. Willy Wonka being slightly judgmental on the latest fad. These popular images flood your social media timelines and can add just the right amount of “zing” to a perfectly timed text. However, is there […]


Facebook is constantly enhancing its site to be more friendly to businesses that are using the social media outlet to market their brands. First of all, have you taken the time to make yourself familiar with Facebook Insights? If not, you need to stop what you’re doing and check this analytics tool out. It offers […]

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Too many SMB owners put off starting a business blog because they feel that they don’t have the skills and resources to create and maintain one. Are you in this predicament as well? If so, read on. If you simply don’t feel comfortable with establishing a blog, using a blogging platform, or creating blog content, […]

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We all have our embarrassing moments from time to time, but nothing is worse than when it’s broadcasted to the entire social media world. Maybe your most embarrassing social media status update was due to you misspelling a word, or posting on #MotivationMonday late Wednesday night. We’ve all been there, and while that’s obviously not […]

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Who says you can’t buy your friends? In the world of social media, this has become a very common practice as it seems the more “friends” and followers that you have on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram helps to solidify your brand as a reputable and respectable one. With ads offering 1000 Facebook “likes” […]

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Let’s face it, Facebook has changed. No longer can business page owners expect a ton of natural engagement – well, at least not without paying for it. But that’s OK! Here’s why… Facebook advertising is one of the most affordable and effective platforms for small businesses. Not to mention, with a little help & patience, […]


Creating a successful content marketing plan requires coming up with consistent and interesting content that your readers will find both engaging and informative. It also requires that you keep an eye on your competitors so that you can create content that is distinct from theirs and can make sure you are part of any popular […]

It has been a long-standing debate that has small businesses still asking the question – which is better for the enterprise, WordPress or Blogger? Blogging has become a cornerstone of content marketing, and people look to company blogs to get a better idea of the people who work behind the scene. That being said, there […]

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Social media marketing might seem like a waste for small businesses, but the fact of the matter is that networking can do wonders for any company, regardless of size. Whether you own an online retail shop or you have a startup software company, there are benefits to creating a social media marketing strategy. Here are […]

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My husband and I were just at the lake over the weekend with some family friends, and somehow we got to talking about what my job as a social media specialist is all about. My friend’s father preceded to tell me that he had been running a successful business for the past 40 years without […]

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