As a property manager or owner of a multifamily property, resident retention is something that is constantly on your mind. Have you considered using social media marketing as a way to bring your apartment community together? While you might think of social media as a way to promote your apartment community, it can prove to […]

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We recently shared 4 useful tactics for launching your apartment community on Twitter, and hopefully you’ve already taken advantage of these tips to create a presence for your property on this social media site. So once you’ve created a Twitter profile for your apartment community, how should you go about using the site? If you’re […]

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Sure, you’ve probably launched your apartment community on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but if you really want to optimize SEO for local search, you need to create a Google+ page for your property. Different than other social media sites, Google+ offers a space to find information that is relevant to you and share it with […]

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With so many apartment communities for renters to choose from, what really sets your community apart from the competition? While there can be many factors that can play into this decision, nothing influences the appeal of your property more than its reputation. As an owner or manager of a multifamily property, you work hard to […]

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Surprisingly, many people don’t seem to grasp the networking potential that LinkedIn can provide. While this social media site was designed to connect professionals with each other, it’s purpose extends far beyond creating awareness for prospective job opportunities. As the owner or manager of an apartment community, you can benefit greatly from having an active […]

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Twitter has become a powerful social media tool, and it continues to grow for numerous reasons. Not only does it connect individuals from afar, but it helps people stay in touch with everything from local news outlets to grocery stores. If you’re looking for a way to strengthen the connection between you, your community and […]

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Creating an apartment community blog can give your neighborhood a one-stop site for all of the information they need on the local area. Additionally, you can use the blog as a place to post updates on important community matters, whether it’s trash pick-up or street cleaning – but how do you strategize? Every effective, informative […]

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When you hire a social media company for your small business, you may assume that you can just kick back, relax and allow the professionals to handle the matter. While some of this may be true, it’s worth educating yourself on what to expect when you start to use social media. Utilizing websites like Twitter […]

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Have you been tossing around the idea of launching your apartment community on social media, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet? Considering that 74 percent of online adults use social media, having a presence on popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter can be a very effective way to create awareness […]

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Blogs are just for those that are interested in finding a new recipe or learning about the latest interior design trends, right? While there are a number of blogs on the web that are centered around those two topics, there are so many more reasons why people choose to read a blog. Did you know […]

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